Patch is live

We’ve pushed our fourth patch (v1.0.1.1) live to all users on Steam. The changelog is below:

  • Added weather effects toggle in Game Options. This setting may be useful for improving performance.
  • Future-proofed the Ogg music system.
  • Fixed a bug where explosive barrels would explode after a small amount of load/save cycles.
  • Added fish names for the targeting augmentation to display.
  • Added a scope to the LAW to reflect the model.
  • Miscellaneous changes to support disposable weapons with scopes, including making sure that the LAW doesn’t get an accuracy penalty when not using the scope.
  • Altered furniture to be flammable for Biomod and Shifter.
  • Made a type of chair flammable in Human Renovation (Normal gameplay style).
  • Made plants flammable.
  • Lowered the low ammo water mark for 20mm HE ammo compared to regular ammo for the assault rifle so it reflects the ammo’s rarity and the amount you can carry.
  • Changed credits so the ‘Special Thanks’ section has better formatting and looks neater.
  • Adjusted behavior for a type of NPC, so that in a firefight they will stand their ground for longer than before.
  • Fixed a slight health issue with a type of NPC.
  • Fixed a lot of improperly aligned textures in the Hell’s Kitchen Sewers.
  • Fixed some issues with fog in the Hell’s Kitchen Sewers, along with a few other small changes.
  • Moved an alarm panel in the detention area so that NPCs can use it in UNATCO HQ.
  • Made it impossible to steal from Anna’s cabinet in UNATCO HQ.
  • Fixed an issue where Simons could get stuck on a door in the detention area, along with getting trapped inside the interrogation room in UNATCO HQ.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the player could get trapped inside Alex’s closet in UNATCO HQ.
  • Made sure that Shannon doesn’t appear in later visits to UNATCO HQ if she has been killed.

As a general reminder, when game content is updated in a patch, it cannot affect locations you have already visited in a saved game. This is because the saved game was created based on the older version of the game, and acts as a snapshot of that older version. Once you load a saved game and travel to a new location in the game world, you will begin to encounter the updated content.

1.0.1 Patch is live

We’ve pushed our third patch (v1.0.1) live to all users on Steam. The changelog is below:

  • Fixed an issue in the Hell’s Kitchen Sewers where a datacube in the water would have a lingering text window.
  • Fixed an issue in the Hell’s Kitchen Sewers where a mechanic would have an incorrect number of lockpicks.
  • Improved AI behavior in the Underworld Tavern; Jordan Shea and Jock will return to their original positions after a fight.
  • Improved performance and lighting on Liberty Island.
  • Changed the boobytraps outside Smuggler’s lair from explosives to EMP.
  • Miscellaneous stability, presentation and interactivity changes in Smuggler’s lair.
  • Miscellaneous small fixes to saved game logic to handle very rare values of available free space.
  • Miscellaneous geometry, texture, stability, AI behavior and gameplay adjustments in Battery Park, including fixing a hole in the subway car.
  • Fixed an issue where players could miss a level transition into the interior of the Brooklyn Naval Shipyards.
  • Miscellaneous AI, Lighting and Geometry fixes in the Brooklyn Naval Shipyards.
  • Miscellaneous gameplay and texture fixes in the Lucky Money mall.
  • Fixed a geometry issue for the Hell’s Kitchen subway car.
  • Made Gunther’s safe non-interactive in UNATCO HQ. We are planning to use the safe to store useful equipment, but there is currently a severe glitch associated with it. Until we can fix this issue, we feel it is best to leave it unmistakably inaccessible.
  • Added datacube with code for UNATCO HQ detention keypads.
  • Reduced hack strength on Alex’s server room.
  • Unlocked the door to Paul’s office for the first time you visit UNATCO HQ.
  • Added Tranquilizer Darts to detention storage for the first time you visit UNATCO HQ. This should help balance out a potential lack of ammunition for players who heavily favor the mini-crossbow in the early game.
  • Removed collision for the contents of Anna Navarre’s office cabinet.
  • Swapped out the old UNATCO logo for the new one in the last visit to UNATCO HQ.
  • Adjusted a type of chair to be flammable in Normal (Human Renovation) gameplay mode.
  • Added support for vanilla music to the Hong Kong Compound area and Hong Kong arrival cinematic.
  • Added a datacube with the code for Alex’s server room door.
  • Added waigie, smirftsch, HawkBird and MoreTriggers contributors to the credits.
  • Forced the game to load the Revision player class to address some potential issues stemming from the use of Kentie’s game launcher with Revision.
  • Added HiDPI UI scaling option. If your resolution is high enough, this will lock the UI to a 2x scale, which may be useful for people using either large displays, or small displays with very high resolutions (such as Retina displays).
  • Updated descriptions for some rendering and audio devices in the Revision game launcher.
  • Added a notice for players when starting Training.

As a general reminder, when game content is updated in a patch, it cannot affect locations you have already visited in a saved game. This is because the saved game was created based on the older version of the game, and acts as a snapshot of that older version. Once you load a saved game and travel to a new location in the game world, you will begin to encounter the updated content.

We’ve tracked over 42,000 downloads on Steam since release. Wow. For those of you who are using the standalone installers, we have updated those as well. Both the complete 1.0.1 installer and an upgrade patch are available through our own downloads page and ModDB. Patch is live

We’ve pushed our second patch live to all users on Steam. The changelog is below:
-Removed unhelpful config files so that players see the first-time configuration wizard. This solves an issue where display settings could be incorrectly configured. To see this wizard after the first-time launch, add “-changevideo” to the Steam launch options or game shortcut.
-Fixed a bug where players would be unable to save games on drives with more than 2TB of free space.
-Fixed a bug where the game would not recognize hostages in the Battery Park subway station as being saved.
-Updated default settings for D3D10 for players looking to use that renderer.


I’m amazed to also say that we’ve tracked over 28,000 downloads on Steam so far, which is way beyond anything we could have hoped for. Thank you! We aren’t actively keeping track of downloads for the standalone installers, but I hope everyone who finds themselves playing Revision, whether downloaded directly from Steam or otherwise, enjoys our work.


Now Available


After seven years of development, we are proud to announce that

Deus Ex: Revision 1.0 is now available

Thanks to the support of Square Enix, Revision is available right now as free DLC for everyone who owns Deus Ex: GOTY through Steam.
Steam Download - Revision
For those of you who don’t already own Deus Ex: GOTY on Steam, Square Enix have started a sale on Steam, and have cut the price of the game by 80%, along with the Director’s Cut of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
As an alternative to the Steam servers, we have also made a standalone installer available through our own site, and through ModDB. This installer contains all of the files necessary to play Deus Ex: Revision 1.0 on your computer. However, it is intended for use with a copy of Deus Ex owned through Steam. After installation, the next time Steam opens, allow it to proceed with the final steps of the installation to register everything properly.
For everyone who has followed this project over the years, thank you. I hope you enjoy our work.

It’s a Brave New Website

Hi all!


In addition to the release of Deus Ex: Revision, Caustic Creative is delighted to announce our newly re-designed website: it’s easier to navigate, mobile-friendly and contains all you need to know about Revision and Caustic Creative.

We love it so much, and we hope you’ll love it too!


Anyone willing to contact us directly is welcome to use our contact form to send us a message.

Remember that most of the interaction takes places offsite as we maintain presences on our Social Network pages (Twitter, Facebook etc., see the footer), along with our brand new Forum Board on the Steam Community, the place to be if you want to discuss anything technical and for all the your technical questions and troubleshooting.


See you there!


We’re launching soon

This is a look at why we’re not launching right now

Hello all!

Production on Revision 1.0 is finished. Some of you are wondering why we aren’t shipping yet. We’re addressing that today.

A while back we started incorporating tech into Revision that was a step beyond what anyone had ever done with this game. We implemented engine-level bug fixes and tweaks for the game’s rendering system, such as allowing decals (e.g. bullet holes) to appear in mirrors, ensuring footstep sounds occurred correctly, and increasing the limits for BSP geometry to ensure that our environments could be more detailed and more stable. We started using portions of what has been named the Revision Framework (so named because we led to its creation, not because it is exclusive to the inner workings of our project), a piece of tech that makes it relatively easy to expand on the game’s content and systems. We are quietly working on RF, intending for it to be released to the DX modding community.

Concerning the game’s content, we have tied in continuity threads to the official entries in the franchise in the form of emails, logos, and other references. We also discovered some potential copyright problems in both our in-game and promotional graphics; we’ve been very busy reworking things to make sure those don’t become troublesome later on.

All of this lead us to feel extremely cautious- we want to ensure that when we release, there are no potential land mines waiting for us. So we approached Square Enix with the intent of making sure that everything we had planned was going to be fine. They’ve been very helpful and supportive; the processes has gone on longer than anyone anticipated, and we’re taking advantage of the time to implement little fixes and bits of polish that were otherwise slated for the 1.1 update. On the one hand, we would love to get Revision out the door ASAP. On the other, we’re committed to making sure that we can release it and maintain it in the best possible way, and with as few stumbles as possible.

Thank you for your continuing support and patience. We almost have everything in place. And the satellites are ours when we need them.


[July 9 Update]

A few of you have been expressing concerns that Revision is related to Mankind Divided or will be a paid-for release. Neither of these things is the case- we have no involvement in the promotion of Mankind Divided, and have never considered making Revision a commercial product. We are not providing precise release dates for a pretty straightforward reason: We’re holding some confidential talks with Square Enix to make sure everything is okay, and to make something cool happen, something that we aren’t talking about yet, because it’s not finalized yet. We’ve been having a series of back-and-forths to make sure that everybody on our team is happy. There are no real problems, just technicalities that have needed to be ironed out. At this point (July 9), we’re expecting these things to be wrapped up shortly.

Everything is pretty much OK, and we’re in a position where we have to talk to some people to make some things happen, and the timeline for making those things happen should be pretty fast, but is partially out of our control. All we ask of you is to please be patient.

Finalizing Promotional Things

We are now finalizing our promotional arrangements and materials. Apologies for being a bit coy with our release date. We’re deep into the endgame here. You can practically hear Morgan Everett giving a speech about stacking boxes.

We’re not literally stacking boxes though.

Production Complete

We’ve finished primary production on Revision 1.0, and have now started our final pre-release playtest. We will be using feedback from this playtest to polish up the gameplay experience and catch any remaining technical issues.