In Depth: Enhanced Experience

Lots of odds and ends. All together in one place.

Improved Visuals

Revision brings in Project HDTP and New Vision for high-detail models and textures. Project HDTP’s character models are included, but disabled by default; they offer a stylized look that may not be to everyone’s taste. Meanwhile, New Vision’s high-resolution textures are complimented by some of our own. To make sure that the game runs smoothly on a wide range of modern PCs, we’ve also bundled in Chris Dohnal’s Direct3D 9 renderer. This renderer is fast, stable, and will work with a vast variety of hardware.

Gameplay Modes

By default, Revision offers a slightly polished version of default Deus Ex gameplay; the touches are achieved using a modified form of the Human Renovation modification. This lets us smooth out a few of the rough spots when it comes to how things work behind-the-scenes.

Revision also includes the Shifter and BioMod modifications as alternate gameplay modes; Shifter adds various tweaks and unique weapons, spicing up the experience. BioMod offers a more distinct flavor, and introduces new gameplay mechanics while rebalancing how augmentations work within the game. And if you want none of the above, Revision also includes a Vanilla mode that is virtually identical to the original Deus Ex gameplay.

A new game can be started from any gameplay mode, but once a game has been started, it is locked into that mode. For players new to Revision, the default game mode is strongly recommended.


We’ve created a full set of over 200 achievements that work through Steam and GOG Galaxy.


Revision offers a wide selection of gameplay Modifiers, small changes to the game that can be combined in all sorts of different ways to stretch, squeeze, and contort Deus Ex into offering an exacting challenge. These range from reducing inventory space to making the player explode if seen by a camera, and dozens of things in-between.

Survival Mode

Revision includes an experimental mini-game, separate from the main story, that puts players in locations from the story and asks them to survive against waves of hostile enemies.

New Game+

After completing the story, do it all over again with all the skills, augmentations, and equipment you collected the first time. The second time around, try out different difficulty settings,  game modifiers, and choose where you want to start in the story.