In Depth: Enhanced Experience

Lots of odds and ends. All together in one place.

Improved Visuals

Revision brings in Project HDTP and New Vision for high-detail models and textures. Project HDTP’s character models are included, but disabled by default; they offer a stylized look that may not be to everyone’s taste. Meanwhile, New Vision’s high-resolution textures are complimented by some of our own. To make sure that the game runs smoothly on a wide range of modern PCs, we’ve also bundled in Chris Dohnal’s Direct3D 9 renderer. This renderer is fast, stable, and will work with a vast variety of hardware.

Gameplay Modes

By default, Revision offers a slightly polished version of default Deus Ex gameplay; the touches are achieved using a modified form of the Human Renovation modification. This lets us smooth out a few of the rough spots when it comes to how things work behind-the-scenes.

Revision also includes the Shifter and BioMod modifications as alternate gameplay modes; Shifter adds various tweaks and unique weapons, spicing up the experience. BioMod offers a more distinct flavor, and introduces new gameplay mechanics while rebalancing how augmentations work within the game.

A new game can be started from any gameplay mode, but once a game has been started, it is locked into that mode. For players new to Revision, the default game mode is strongly recommended.