In Depth: Soundtrack

The symphonic electronica duo EdenShard, starring John French and Logan Felber, have created a brand new soundtrack based on music from the original Deus Ex and brought a deeper, modern soundscape to the game experience while being faithful to the original game feel.


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John French
John French
Music Composer & Creative Director at Caustic Creative
John joined the team in 2012, and lives in the UK. He’s the composer behind the majority of the new soundtrack, and is responsible for a wide variety of little touches which shape the overall presentation and experience of the game.

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Logan Felber
Logan Felber
Music Composer at Caustic Creative
Logan joined the project in 2013, and lives in the northwestern US. He’s responsible for a majority of the combat music, and contributed significantly to the score for the parts of the story set in the New York.


Go on. Give it a listen.

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