What is Revision?

An Augmented Classic

Revision brings new level design, new music and a more focused aesthetic to Deus Ex.

A Bundle of Community Content

Revision bundles some of the best upgrades the community has to offer, including high-resolution textures and alternate gameplay modes.

Available on Steam and GOG

Revision is available as DLC for Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition. It is completely free to everyone and anyone who owns the original game through Steam or GOG.com.

Revision's Features

Meet Caustic Creative

Haris Buzis

Environment Designer

Haris started the Revision project in 2007 from his home in Finland with the purpose of creating an enhanced experience for Deus Ex aficionados. He is responsible for the environment design in Revision.

Björn Ehrby

Producer & QA Manager

Björn joined the project in 2008, and is responsible for bringing everything and everyone together. A strenuous bug-fighter, he's also responsible for making sure that the game is as bug-free as we can make it. He hails from Sweden and studies Computer Science.

John French

Music Composer & Creative Director

John joined the team in 2012, and lives in the UK. He's the composer behind the majority of the new soundtrack, and is responsible for a wide variety of little touches which shape the overall presentation and experience of the game.

Logan Felber

Music Composer

Logan joined the project in 2013, and lives in the northwestern US. He's responsible for a majority of the combat music, and contributed significantly to the score for the parts of the story set in the New York.

Cecilia Raffaeli

Graphics & Web Designer

Cecilia joined the project in 2013. As a Graphic / Brand / Web Designer, she's provided a plethora of 2D graphics for the project and is also responsible for the design of our website.

Sebastian Kaufel


Sebastian hails from Germany, and studies physics. Since joining the team, he has provided us with programming support and has been indispensable for taking our under-the-hood work to the next level.

Christian Ahlborn

Game Engine Expert

Christian has been working on Deus Ex Revision under the rader since December 2014. Living in Germany and with years of experience with UnrealEngine1 he is responsible for environment design and bugfixing.

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