In Depth: Environments and Graphics


The environment design work in Revision was almost entirely done by Haris Buzis, the man behind the very birth of Revision.

Haris Buzis
Haris Buzis
Project Lead & Environment Designer at Caustic Creative
Haris started the Revision project in 2007 from his home in Finland, with the purpose of creating a brand new environment for the keen players of Deus Ex who had explored every inch of the game maps.
Harry re-designed (and even re-created) most of the maps and environments, with the intent of staying faithful to the original feel but with a modern take on details and complexity.

He took advantage of the raw processing power available in modern machines to push the old Unreal Engine to its limits. Much of his work is based around the idea of not just decorating a space, but giving it interesting architecture and lighting.



Revision bundles New Vision‘s high-definition textures for Deus Ex. At the beginning of the project, that was pretty much all we needed in terms of 2D graphics, but as Haris was building new, vaster and more detailed maps to navigate in, Revision needed to be enriched with our own textures and of all kinds of aesthetic enrichments in order for the environments to be filled with vibrance and visual complexity, to avoid larger spaces to feel empty.
Soon enough we felt that we really needed to have our own custom-tailored set of visual content, and that’s when our designer Cecilia Raffaeli came to the rescue.

Contact Cecilia Raffaeli
Cecilia Raffaeli
Cecilia Raffaeli
Graphics+Web Designer at Caustic Creative
Working as a Graphic\Brand\Web Designer, Cecilia created most of 2D graphics for Revision (textures, logos, promotional graphics, minimaps, color themes etc.) and is also responsible for the design of Revision’s website.
She works and lives in Italy and has joined Caustic Creative in 2013.


When Haris was in the process of overhauling Deus Ex’s maps’ geometry, game levels had become more complex and some of them had completely changed from head to toe. We needed to make sure that Davault pictures matched the new environments.
Because datavault images are such a core part of how directions are given to the player, Cecilia created a large variety of datavaults to bring the story and the levels together and to help players navigate smoothly through the new overhauled game experience.


Ads, Banners, and Signs, Oh my

One of the common tropes of Cyberpunk fiction is the idea of vibrance above and grit below. In Revision, we created a huge number of ads, banners, posters and signs which decorate the buildings of New York, Paris and Hong Kong. These ads let us bring a great sense of color and vibrance to the cities, without making them feel crowded; the world can be lonely and dangerous at night, and we want to make sure that the sense of adventure is preserved.


Etc. Etc. Etc.

With time passing and development moving on, the project’s graphic needs grew larger and larger with the number of improvements introduced by Revision: game UI, project graphics, environment textures, and of course our website, are only some examples of Cecilia’s contribution to Revision.


Cecilia Raffaeli
Cecilia Raffaeli
Graphics & Web Design at Caustic Creative
Cecilia created a wide variety of 2D artwork for Revision, including textures, logos, and promotional graphics, and is also responsible for the design of Revision's website and brand.

She works and lives in Italy.