We have released update 1.0.2, our biggest patch yet! With over 115 bugs fixed and suggestions implemented, we hope you enjoy it! The following issues and changes are addressed in this update:

Battery Park (First visit):

  • Increased the trigger collisions at the ambrosia from 40 to 130.
  • Added three fire extinguishers in crates.
  • Added a control panel to disable the lasers, 30% strength.
  • Added a medkit inside Castle Clinton.
  • Added crates to prevent player from getting stuck.
  • Added some collision in the train windows.
  • Added a crate in the bay for strength aug users to get the biocell and for cover.
  • Added a prod charger to the bay.
  • Removed three of the lasers on easy, so you can destroy them with one rocket.
  • Aligned some textures in Castle Clinton.
  • Moved some vent textures.
  • Fixed some floating zyme.

Hell’s Kitchen (First visit):

  • Readded the augmentation upgrade canister at Osgood and Son’s.
  • Added a new room a skyscraper with rewards inside.
  • Added a missing (unusable) elevator button.
  • Fixed some bad collision.
  • Changed the riot cop AI so they don’t fight you while helping them.
  • Removed the unobtainable items behind the fence near Osgood and Son’s.
  • Increased the size of the map transition to the clinic so it cannot be skipped.

Underworld Tavern (First visit):

  • Aligned the textures of the stone floor.
  • Added some more pathing at Shea’s room.
  • Decreased volume of TV at bar.
  • Increased the strength of Shea’s trunk from 10 min to 20 min.

The ‘Ton Hotel (First visit):

  • Replaced the blue laser in the elevator shaft with a red one to reflect what it triggers.
  • Replaced the LAM in the elevator shaft with a gas grenade.
  • Fixed a typo in a conversation with Mr Renton.
  • Made it so Mr Renton doesn’t set off the alarm for the terrorists.

Smuggler’s Hideout (First visit):

  • Changed the first EMP grenade to not appear on easy.
  • Added a gas grenade on all difficulties.
  • Added a LAM on realistic.
  • Added an EMP grenade on realistic.
  • Swapped the 2nd EMP grenade with a gas grenade.

NSF Warehouse:

  • Changed the warehouse windows to make a glass sound when destroyed instead of a wooden one.
  • Made a window in the new area breakable.
  • Fixed some misaligned textures in the bathroom.
  • Fixed a misaligned texture in the elevator.
  • Fixed 30.06 ammo causing pathing issues.
  • Fixed being able to collide with the invisible TNT.
  • Improved some AI pathing.
  • Removed a graffiti texture.
  • Added a missing texture.
  • Added a multitool in an unexplored area.
  • Added flare darts.
  • Added TNT crate.
  • Added a prod charger.
  • Added contents to cardboard boxes.
  • Added 20mm HE ammo. (Rifle on realistic)
  • Added another sniper on realistic.
  • Added peppergun.
  • Hid credit chit.
  • Hid a lockpick.

The ‘Ton Hotel (All visits):

  • Fixed some wallpaper having a bad texture scale.

Hell’s Kitchen (All visits):

  • Fixed the gap in the window of the shop beside the tavern.
  • Fixed unsolid grating on the balconies.
  • Changed a traffic light from unsolid to solid.
  • Made the stairway in Smuggler’s building more obviously impassable.
  • Added a van to Jimmy’s Car Service.
  • Prevented player from being able to get trapped in a certain room due to high windows.

Lebedev’s 747:

  • Fixed some textures being incorrectly scaled.
  • Added NSF outside the plane to reflect the hangar map.

Hell’s Kitchen (Second visit):

  • Fixed texture alignment on an advertisement.

The ‘Ton Hotel (Second visit):

  • Fixed a book inside Paul’s secret closet that was instantly destroyed when opened.

NSF Headquarters:

  • Fixed some incorrectly aligned textures.
  • Fixed some bad collision in a doorway.
  • Fixed issue with the halon gas not being rendered.
  • Fixed some floating boxes.
  • Fixed balcony flowers that were corrupted.
  • Fixed some floating coronas.
  • Fixed more stuff under the railway.
  • Fixed some brushes having holes in them.
  • Changed sewer access to pickable.
  • Changed sewer warehouse entrance/exit to unpickable.
  • Added some darts to the dart board.
  • Added a skillpoint bonus beside the sniper above the tunnel.
  • Increased the HP of the blackvans so they aren’t so prone to being destroyed.
  • Increased the height of the grass in the flowerbeds above the tunnel.
  • Removed some collision that would interfere with grenades.

Battery Park (Final visit):

  • Fixed the robots not being allied to Gunther.
  • Fixed the UNATCO troops having the wrong name set for Anna’s alliance.
  • Fixed the UNATCO troops not being aligned with Gunther.
  • Fixed being able to jump out of the map, mostly.
  • Fixed some props overlapping each other.
  • Added a lockpick.

Liberty Island (Final visit)

  • Moved Lloyd when playing on realistic.
  • Moved the cameras back so they’re not floating.
  • Moved a box out of bounds containing flare darts in bounds.
  • Moved Kaplan’s computer back so it doesn’t overhang.
  • Added more troops when playing on hard and realistic.
  • Added a fire extinguisher behind the COMvan.
  • Added a multitool besides Lloyd’s desk.
  • Added a biocell on top of the trophy display on easy and normal.
  • Added a recoil mod above the main door.
  • Added a pepper cartridge.
  • Added binoculars.
  • Added 10mm ammo on easy.
  • Added some more lighting at the staircase.
  • Added a robot on realistic.
  • Hid a forty and some cigs.
  • Fixed a bad texture on a fence.
  • Changed the troop in the helipad building’s name to Tech Sergeant Kaplan.
  • Rotated Kaplan’s chair so he looks out at the helipad instead of sitting during the firefight. Also makes it able to sneak up on him.
  • Made the building by the helipad’s main window breakable too.
  • Replaced the assault shotgun in the helipad building with a pistol.
  • Gave the assault shotgun to Kaplan.
  • Gave Lloyd a gas grenade.
  • Rigged that gas grenade to the wall when leaving on UNATCO on realistic.
  • Removed a gas grenade from the helipad building as compensation.
  • Removed some out of bounds objects.

Wan Chai Market:

  • Fixed a box having its contents incorrectly set to never spawn.
  • Fixed traffic lights not being solid.
  • Fixed a ship wheel being usuable through a wall.
  • Fixed a wall mounted LAW falling to the ground.
  • Fixed a window not being breakable.
  • Fixed a door making an explosion and the wrong debris when destroyed.
  • Fixed a carcass having credits incorrectly set to not appear.
  • Fixed a crowbar falling to the ground instead of being hung up.
  • Fixed some objects floating in mid-air instead of being wall mounted.
  • Fixed some crates being destructable when they shouldn’t be.
  • Fixed a crashed car displaying a bugged name if viewed in the targeting aug.
  • Fixed the big dog constantly standing on the small dog in the pet shop.
  • Aligned many, many textures.
  • Readded the keypad to get back to the helipad.
  • Replaced some textures.
  • Made a vent unable to be highlighted to ensure it doesn’t annoy people.
  • Added a window texture to a skyscraper that was missing a small section.
  • Added a prod charger to a balcony.

Versalife R&D (Level 1):

  • Moved a button on the elevator to level 2 so that it is in-line with the others.
  • Fixed a grate that went inside a wall when opened.
  • Fixed an incorrect brush letting you see through the wall.
  • Fixed a misaligned texture in a secret area.
  • Fixed some backwards textures and replaced some others.
  • Fixed the light fixtures having incorrectly aligned textures.
  • Fixed some cardboard boxes that incorrectly had their contents set to never spawn.
  • Fixed a floating nanokey by the dead grey.
  • Fixed some MiBs having the wrong ammo type.
  • Fixed some missing collision on some walkway glass.
  • Changed AI alliances to make sure they don’t kill each others.
  • Changed some AI to be hostile after stealing the ROM encoding.
  • Changed a cabinet containing multitools from 60%/- to 20%/30%.
  • Added blocks in the vents to prevent rats from getting in the way.
  • Added nanokeys to all soldiers which give access to the lockers.
  • Made more floors reflective to stay consistent.
  • Increased sight range and visibility threshold of Greasel in the vents.
  • Stopped a barrel from producing smoke to prevent graphical issues.

Versalife R&D (Level 2):

  • Flipped some textures so they’re at the right orientation.
  • Increased Maggie Chow’s health to 100%.
  • Aligned some more textures on the doors in the tunnel.
  • Increased the height the rod moves to make the blue stuff inside look less terrible after the UC is destroyed.
  • Increased the height of the water you land in when entering via the pipe to fix a shimmering surface issue.
  • Altered a pipe minimally so it connects to another pipe seamlessly.
  • Altered the positioning of the ladders on the pipes under the UC and added a ladder to one of the pipes that didn’t have one.
  • Added more light under the UC to be able to see the ladders more clearly and made them indestructible.
  • Fixed the textures on the UC hatches so they’re scaled properly.
  • Fixed a pipe’s texture scales so it displays correctly.
  • Fixed textures on the nanotech containment door.
  • Lowered water level under UC so you won’t land swimming in it and also to resolve a shimmering surface issue.
  • Made fan destructible above the UC PC.
  • Moved spider-bots backwards so grenades outside won’t be detonated by them until they’re released.
  • Moved the cage light at the end of the level backwards so it is now attached to the wall.
  • Adjusted position of mirror at the start so it’s no longer floating (as badly).
  • Scientist at the computer now reacts to more things, especially sound.

Tracer Tong’s Lab:

  • Fixed the plasma rifle floating.
  • Fixed the wicker basket having the contents incorrectly set and never spawning throwing knives.
  • As each throwing knife gives 15, decreased the wicker basket’s contents from 8 to 1.
  • Rotated the plasma rifle to make it more noticeable and look nicer.
  • Improved the ceiling where Tong/Paul are.
  • Added an email to a computer.

The ‘Ton Hotel (Final visit):

  • Added pathing to the map to help AI function.
  • Changed AI intelligence to be more aware of their surroundings.
  • Fixed a floating lamp.

Hell’s Kitchen (Final visit):

  • Fixed a pathing issue with a robot.
  • Fixed texture alignment on an advertisement.
  • Fixed some brushes in the subway so they can be lit.
  • Added a missing (unusable) elevator button.
  • Removed blocks on the roof that weren’t needed.
  • Increased the size of the map transition to the clinic so it cannot be skipped.
  • Lowered the water level at Osgood and Son’s to prevent swimming when landing.

Hell’s Kitchen Free Clinic (Final Visit):

  • Increased the size of the map transition so it cannot be skipped.

Brooklyn Naval Shipyards (Exterior):

  • Fixed some of the AI pathing.
  • Added an EMP grenade in a cabinet that was locked but empty.
  • Added a mini-crossbow in a drawer that was locked but empty.
  • Added two PS20s to a drawer that was locked but empty.
  • Added a small crate to the building with the repair bot in, to prevent players from getting stuck.
  • Added a water-cooler in the base commander’s building.
  • Added prod charge to draw that was locked but empty.
  • Added a fire extinguisher.
  • Hid a lockpick on the map.
  • Hid two multitools on the map.
  • Hid a reload mod on the map.
  • Moved some cameras so it wasn’t floating.
  • Readded the flamethrowers to the two bots in the armoury.

Brooklyn Naval Shipyards (Interior):

  • Added a sniper rifle on easy and normal.
  • Added a control panel for the lasers.
  • Added monsterblocks to stop the AI going into the water.
  • Added a medical crate.
  • Added flares.
  • Added binoculars.
  • Added gas grenade.
  • Added a turret to the dock.
  • Added a camera and security console for turret.
  • Added a login and password for a security computer that didn’t have one.
  • Added multitool crate.
  • Added water zones in the small buckets of water so items splash/float in them.
  • Replaced the augmentation upgrade crate to be a medical crate instead.
  • Replaced the blue lasers with red ones.
  • Moved pathing to stop the AI going into the water.
  • Moved a patrol to not trigger the red lasers.
  • Fixed a guard having a name incorrectly set.
  • Fixed sailors shooting the guards.
  • Fixed a brush that was too low and appeared to be missing.
  • Fixed two faces that didn’t reflect light in the crane control room.
  • Changed the voice of the new soldiers to be unique.
  • Changed a guard to be a sniper.
  • Renamed some things.
  • Hid a lockpick at the start.
  • Aligned some textures.
  • Lowered the lock strength of a locker.
  • Lowered a crate so it isn’t destroyed from fall damage.
  • Made the goodsroom able to be opened with the new security console.
  • Greatly improved pathing, AI can now move from the dock to the ship.
  • Gave the sailors flares.
  • Gave some of the hard/realistic soldiers additional weapons.
  • Aligned the texture of the destructible floor on the top deck so it blends in seamlessly.
  • Made some chains climbable from one side so you don’t get stuck.
  • Moved the elevator down so it’s the same level as the ground.

Denfert-Rochereau (Rooftops):

  • Changed commando and robot alliances.
  • Made the MJ12 troops on the street react to being attacked.
  • Added some darts and a multitool at the end.
  • Blocked player from jumping over the gate at the end.
  • Renamed some stuff.

La Porte de l’Enfer:

  • Added more visuals to the map.
  • Optimized pathing.

Vandenberg AFB Tunnels:

  • Changed texture of the security bot to Chinese.
  • Added a gas grenade to the dead MJ12 trooper.
  • Added a weapon mod in the radioactive area.
  • Fixed some misaligned textures.
  • Fixed a barrel spawning inside a wall.
  • Fixed the TNT in the radioactive tunnel sometimes exploding on map load.
  • Hid a lockpick and prod at the end.

Pasadena Ocean Lab UC Module:

  • Changed fan health from 200% to 100%.
  • Moved a button on an elevator to have a neater and more logical position.
  • Fixed some textures that were wrongly orientated.

Missile Silo:

  • Fixed the blue lasers by the elevator on the surface not working.
  • Fixed trashbag1 having contents incorrectly set.
  • Fixed the lid of a chest being unlit.
  • Fixed a door that closed if you blocked another door from opening/closing.
  • Added a hackable control panel to disable the blue lasers.
  • Added an ambushing plasma rifle MiB on realistic.
  • Give the MiBs on the map melee weapons.
  • Made the laser emitters slightly smaller to prevent you from seeing the back.
  • Flipped some keyboard textures.
  • Renamed Jock’s helicopter and decreased its collision size.


  • Greasels and karkians no longer eat bodies at 100%hp, they must be damaged to eat them and heal. This way they will store food for when they need it.
  • When you don’t have enough space to pick up an item it will now state the amount of space required. “You don’t have enough room in your inventory to pick up the Flamethrower” becomes “You don’t have enough room in your inventory to pick up the Flamethrower, you require 4×2.”.
  • Robots now play their “Critical Damage” sound when at 25%hp.
  • Changed robots to be unable to open doors.
  • The GEP gun can now have a laser pointer attached.
  • Fixed some grenades spawning on all difficulties when they shouldn’t.
  • EMP grenades can now permanently disable cameras, turrets, alarm panels, and lasers at master skill level.
  • Master level sniper rifles can now destroy laser emitters, an oversight in the code from the original.
  • The duration of alcohol’s effects is reduced with every level of environmental resistance in “Normal” game mode.
  • Flare darts give back normal darts instead of being reusable.
  • Thermoptic camo can now be used to bypass cameras and turrets as well as organics and bots.


  • Fixed the keybinding issue with Mantle/Jump in Biomod.
  • Fixed targeting aug showing pure weapon names instead of neat names. I.e. “WeaponRobotMachineGun” -> “Machine Gun”.
  • Fixed bushes making a metal sound when walked on.
  • Recoil weapon mod and reload weapon mod now show “MOD RECOIL” and “MOD RELOAD” instead of “MOD RECOL” and “MOD RELOD” when picking them up from a carcass.
  • Changed the rate of fire weapon mod (Shifter and Biomod) to use both the laser model in game and in the inventory.
  • Changed Jock’s pistol to say “Found Jock’s Pistol” instead of “Found a Jock’s Pistol”.
  • Updated SecurityBot3’s code to allow it to use the (low quality and previously unused) Chinese skin.
  • Made sure that a weapon’s laser sights are disabled after dying.
  • Pallet jacks are now heavier and no longer buoyant.
  • Empty water coolers no longer make a puddle of water when destroyed.
  • Animals now run away from loud noises, such as gunshots.
  • Added Shifter Texture pack to Biomod and Shifter scenarios.
  • Made WinDrvLite the default window manager on a permanent basis, so people will automatically get the mouse acceleration issue fixed.

Please note:
As a general reminder, when game content is updated in a patch, it cannot affect locations you have already visited in a saved game. This is because the saved game was created based on the older version of the game, and acts as a snapshot of that older version. Once you load a saved game and travel to a new location in the game world, you will begin to encounter the updated content.

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Björn Ehrby
Björn Ehrby
Producer at Caustic Creative
Björn joined the project in 2008, bringing everything and everyone together. Over the years, his contributions have ensured that our team has produced good work, and that our efforts have been bug-free as we can manage. He hails from Sweden.