We have released update 1.0.3, our new biggest patch, and only a week since our last one! With 175 bugs fixed and suggestions implemented, we hope you enjoy it! This patch also marks the 50% mark of all bugs and suggestions being corrected and implimented! The following issues and changes are addressed in this update:

Liberty Island:

  • Fixed an ATM being destructible.
  • Fixed a floating camera.
  • Fixed Corporal Collins being killable.
  • Removed the flamethrower thug on easy/normal.
  • Changed a terrorist’s voice to match his conversation voice.
  • Made Gunther somewhat easier to rescue.
  • Moved the coffee mug at the start to Kaplan’s desk.

UNATCO HQ (First visit):

  • Fixed being able to push a couch through a wall.
  • Replaced rusty vent textures with cleaner ones.
  • Increased the collision size of the skillpoint award when going to Carter.
  • Moved some broken path nodes.

Hell’s Kitchen (First visit):

  • Fixed an error that would kill you if you walked in a certain place. (Thanks LewdFandango!)

Underworld Tavern (First visit):

  • Changed Jock to use his unused lines.

NYC Underground (First visit):

  • Removed a redundant datacube.


  • Fixed some floating items.
  • Improved the elevator, making it be usable if entering via the airfield.

UNATCO HQ (Second visit):

  • Fixed being able to push a couch through a wall.
  • Replaced rusty vent textures with cleaner ones.

Battery Park (Second visit):

  • Fixed a broken conversation where you wouldn’t receive what you paid for.

UNATCO HQ (Third visit):

  • Fixed being able to push a couch through a wall.
  • Replaced rusty vent textures with cleaner ones.

NYC MJ12 Lab:

  • Fixed a bad texture and floating datacube.
  • Fixed floating soyfood.
  • Fixed the command center sign using the British English spelling.
  • Fixed the amount of throwing knives you have resetting to the default amount in the armoury.
  • Increased the range of the turret in the armoury.
  • Changed a trooper’s voice to match his conversation voice.

UNATCO HQ (Final visit):

  • Fixed half of the academy being called Scott.
  • Fixed AI pathing, AI can now move in and out of any room.
  • Replaced some rusty vent textures with slightly neater ones.
  • Added flamethrowers on realistic.
  • Added shotgunner on realistic.
  • Added a pistol.
  • Added PS20.
  • Added laser mod.
  • Trapped your office on hard/realistic.
  • Gave the realistic soldiers unique voices.
  • Added bonus above armoury.
  • Replaced the first soldier with a MiB.

MJ12 Hong Kong Helibase:

  • Lowered the mindamage value of the locker containing the key from 10 to 7.

Wan Chai Market:

  • Lowered the collision size of a bot and moved it slightly.
  • Added gas grenade.
  • Added throwing knives.
  • Added WP rockets.
  • Fixed some invisible collision in the street.
  • Fixed some objects not being solid.
  • Fixed some floating decals.
  • Fixed a wire mesh not being solid.

Tonnochi Road:

  • Moved an unused skillpoint bonus from vanilla from under Jock’s apartment where it was unobtainable to inside it.
  • Hid the unreachable crates.
  • Fixed crates being too close to a wall and not spawning contents sometimes.
  • Fixed an indestructible crate being destructible.
  • Fixed floating items.
  • Fixed a wall not being solid.
  • Fixed a mesh not being solid.
  • Made the windows to the augmentation upgrade canister breakable.
  • Improved the elevator to Jock’s.

Hong Kong Canals:

  • Made a paper lantern invincible.
  • Made an area of the water easier to get out.
  • Fixed a floating cigarette machine.
  • Fixed a flickering texture overlap.

Lucky Money:

  • Fixed a bad sign texture.
  • Fixed a woman’s familiar name and unfamiliar name being mixed up.
  • Fixed a commando spawning inside a table.
  • Made a phone invincible.
  • Made a door and keypad unusable.
  • Made the triads behind Max Chen not react to anything.
  • Changed a texture to improve load times.
  • Moved wine out from fridge so it doesn’t clip.
  • Moved wine with a bad hitbox.
  • Improved pathing somewhat.
  • Added another commando on realistic.
  • Removed a potted plant.

Versalife Offices:

  • Fixed the windows making a wooden sound when destroyed.
  • Fixed a newspaper not showing its high quality model.
  • Fixed the vents having solid gaps in them.
  • Added lockpick.
  • Improved pathing slightly.

Versalife R&D (Level 1):

  • Gave new lines to the MJ12 commandos when they’re friendly.

Ship Below Decks:

  • Changed the security consoles from US Navy to Chinese.
  • Gave the dead sailor his missing items.
  • Increased the amount, range, damage, and fire rate of the turrets in the helipad.
  • Added another security console to control the other three.
  • Made the attack helicopter invincible.
  • Made some doors not usable.
  • Made a vent usable.
  • Made the door to the wield point codes breakable.
  • Fixed some vent textures.
  • Fixed a convex window caving in on itself.
  • Stopped the huge fan from “floating”.


  • Made the explosive barrel in the EM generator room not collide with the player.

Paris Catacombs Tunnels:

  • Gave Agent Hela a melee weapon.

Paris Streets:

  • Fixed some trash bags overlapping each other.
  • Increased the size of the level transition to the club to avoid bypassing it.
  • Lowered some floating items in the arms dealer’s apartment.
  • Blocked off an area where the player can get stuck.
  • Raised a book so it isn’t inside an oven.
  • Replaced the blue lasers with red ones, to prevent confusion.

Knight’s Templar Cathedral:

  • Fixed a building having incorrect textures on one side.
  • Fixed another building’s textures.
  • Fixed some misaligned textures in the sewer.
  • Changed the security login for one of the consoles (too long) and added two new ones for it.
  • Added turret above said console.
  • Added crates to get to clip mod.
  • Added clip mod.
  • Improved some pathing.
  • Lowered the move time of the blocked door.
  • Aligned some textures in the cathedral.

Everett’s Home:

  • Fixed the dead mechanic not giving items.
  • Fixed disconnected pathing.
  • Fixed not being able to use weapons when pressing against the aquarium glass.
  • Fixed Atanwe’s subtitles including cut text.
  • Moved Alex’s computer back so the underside cannot be seen.
  • Hid some items at the start.
  • Added some pawns outside the window, keep your enemies close.
  • Made Atanwe invincible.
  • Made the doors at the start unusable.

Vandenberg AFB:

  • Increased the collision size of a skillpoint trigger so it’s more user-friendly.
  • Increased the commandos’ hearing.
  • Increased a guard near the medical area’s hearing and reactions.
  • Added some lockpicks in areas that were barren.
  • Changed some desk textures.
  • Changed the voice of a MJ12 trooper to match his conversation dialogue voice.
  • Changed a soldier’s weapons with a sniper rifle to make more sense regarding his position.
  • Moved both turrets in the lobby area so they don’t clip into the ground and actually shoot.
  • Moved the smaller security bot’s patrol points so that they move closer to the railings, allowing for grenades to be used.
  • Moved a computer back so you can’t see under it.
  • Fixed the gate to the COMM building being usable.
  • Fixed some other textures.
  • Fixed a computer’s icon.
  • Fixed being able to jump through the barriers at Jock.
  • Fixed Tong running away if you take fall damage.
  • Removed an unneeded door.

Vandenberg AFB Computer:

  • Fixed some pathing.
  • Fixed bad textures on the pipes.
  • Fixed overlapping brushes.
  • Made the rails at the top of the level solid.
  • Replaced some textures.
  • Flipped a keyboard texture.

Gas Station:

  • Fixed a crate being in the ground.
  • Fixed a glitchy shadow.
  • Fixed a power line disappearing in mid air.
  • Fixed two floating lamp posts.
  • Somewhat fixed an error that prevents you from picking up some items in the gas station.
  • Blocked the player from jumping out of the map. Sorry for the invisible walls.
  • Added tech goggles.

Sub-base Surface:

  • Gave two MiBs melee weapons.
  • Fixed a LAW being selectable through a locker.
  • Fixed clipping boxes.
  • Fixed some textures.
  • Fixed a floating book and lamp.
  • Fixed an unsolid mesh.
  • Fixed a ladder not having a texture on the back.
  • Fixed a ladder to the fans.
  • Fixed a mover that was disappearing in the wall.
  • Made an infolink not play if you’ve been to the UC.
  • Made the hatch on the new module not have a gap between it and the ground.
  • Added some contents to empty boxes.
  • Changed some fans to damage you if you block them.
  • Changed a control panel that did nothing.
  • Improved AI pathing.

Ocean Lab:

  • Fixed a backwards texture in the greasel pen.
  • Fixed a misaligned ground texture.
  • Fixed a box not having its contents correctly set.
  • Fixed a scientist not having an aug upgrade when he should.
  • Fixed some crates spawning inside a wall.
  • Fixed some ammo being stuck in the ground.
  • Fixed some backwards keyboard textures.
  • Fixed some cabinets not being lit.
  • Fixed a cabinet floating in midair when opened.
  • Fixed a security console not having a username or password.
  • Fixed a security console having its username and password mixed up.
  • Made the computer in the greasel lab able to open the greasel lab and command center doors.
  • Made the door to the greasels pickable, 40% strength.
  • Made the security bot not continously say “Scanning Area”.
  • Made two infolinks not play if you’ve been to the UC.
  • Moved one of the infolinks up so it’s usually triggered.
  • Rotated a texture.
  • Ordered the transgenics in the construction area to wander instead of stand.
  • Added a greasel.
  • Added more pathing.
  • Added a surprise at the end on hard/realistic.
  • Added flares.
  • Added reload mod.
  • Added flamethrower.
  • Added two rebreathers.
  • Added LAM.
  • Added tranquilizer darts.

Area 51 Bunker:

  • Fixed some broken pathing and added more.
  • Fixed a MiB having only one clip of ammo and no melee weapon.
  • Fixed misaligned textures.
  • Replaced blue lasers in the sniper tower with red ones.

Area 51 Sector 2:

  • Fixed MiBs not having melee weapons.
  • Fixed the generator being able to be destroyed manually.
  • Fixed some keyboard textures.
  • Fixed a window not being solid.
  • Fixed a typo in an infolink.
  • Moved an elevator button to look better.
  • Replaced SecurityBot2 with MilitaryBot on realistic.
  • Replaced the elevator troops on realistic.
  • Made the robots say area secure when killing you.
  • Added a block to prevent getting stuck.
  • Added a LAW to destroy it on realistic.
  • Added rockets on realistic.

Area 51 Sector 3:

  • Fixed many carcasses incorrectly having items set to not be collectable.
  • Fixed more MiBs not having melee weapons.
  • Gave a MiB an Elite Assault Rifle instead.
  • Improved pathing.

Area 51 Sector 4:

  • Aligned some textures.
  • Made it so some radioactive barrels deal radiation damage.
  • Fixed a crate being broken by a vent.
  • Fixed floating 30.06 ammo.


  • Increased the damage that doors/windows take from weapons.
  • Commandos now play their usused critical damage sounds when at 25% hp.
  • Gave “new” lines to the MJ12 commandos for when they target you.
  • Animals can now be knocked unconscious.
  • As a side effect, animals can now be stunned.
  • Light objects, including but not limited to, grenades, rats, birds, and light props, no longer trigger lasers.
  • Lowered the weight of gas so it also doesn’t trigger lasers.
  • Tech Goggles now last three times as long.
  • Thermoptic armour now gives a 10%/25% damage reduction bonus at advanced/master level in “Normal” mode.


  • Fixed a texture saying “RESTRICED AREA” instead of “RESTRICTED AREA”.
  • Fixed a bush making a metal sound when walked on.
  • Fixed destroyed cars making a grass sound when walked on.
  • Fixed props taking poison damage, which would have them incorrectly destroyed at times.
  • Fixed lasers staying in the map when transitioning between levels.

Please note:

As a general reminder, when game content is updated in a patch, it cannot affect locations you have already visited in a saved game. This is because the saved game was created based on the older version of the game, and acts as a snapshot of that older version. Once you load a saved game and travel to a new location in the game world, you will begin to encounter the updated content.

Got a bug you want fixed? Suggestion you want implemented? Post it here: http://bugs.dx-revision.com/

Björn Ehrby
Björn Ehrby
Producer at Caustic Creative
Björn joined the project in 2008, bringing everything and everyone together. Over the years, his contributions have ensured that our team has produced good work, and that our efforts have been bug-free as we can manage. He hails from Sweden.