Happy Holidays!

We are now announcing that the latest version of Revision, 1.5 – FIVE-EYES has been released.

Please see the following release notes on what has changed:

Chapter 1:

  • Fixed the player always being blamed as a killer of the NSF mercenaries, no matter what happened.

Chapter 3:

  • Hopefully fixed Simons getting stuck on Manderley’s door.

Chapter 6:

  • Fixed being able to manually open the large ramp.


  • Fixed errors that can happen when a riot cop dies.
  • Improved help text for gameplay style option by having different text for each option.
  • New music in chapters 2 and 11.


  • Fixed multiple bugs in the conversation system allowing duping of stackable items transferred during a conversation.
  • Fixed robots not being disabled if their menu was open when they got disabled.
  • Killing someone with the ADS aug now counts you as killing them, meaning you get the blame or XP in Biomod/Shifter.
  • Rain reduces footstep sound.
  • WIP feature where the AI will sometimes go to defend an important location after losing the player. Only happens in some levels in chapters 2, 5, and 6.
  • New experimental gameplay style – HumanRev:
    • Combines the skill and augmentation systems into one.
    • Experimental new radar augmentations.
Björn Ehrby
Björn Ehrby
Producer at Caustic Creative
Björn joined the project in 2008, bringing everything and everyone together. Over the years, his contributions have ensured that our team has produced good work, and that our efforts have been bug-free as we can manage. He hails from Sweden.