Patch 1.2.2 is live, containing the following fixes:

Liberty Island (First Visit):

  • Redesigned Gunther’s conversation so you can choose which weapon you give him. Also including the assault gun and stealth pistol options in NG+.


  • Changed the interrogation room doors to require a hand scanner to open, instead of being automatic.
  • The breakroom door is now breakable.
  • The turrets in the armoury no longer shoot at you or UNATCO in Crazed Turrets mode.

UNATCO HQ (First Visit):

  • Made a conversation line that sounds like you were aggressive only play if you were.
  • Minor details; the TVs in JC’s office and the breakroom, along with the whiteboard now slightly reflect light.

Battery Park (First Visit):

  • The triggers for the ambrosia can no longer be triggered from underneath the dock.
  • Fixed a woman having a man’s voice.
  • As the food that you give the kids is immediately eaten, it cannot be picked up from their dead bodies.

Hell’s Kitchen (First Visit):

  • Alex will commend you if you deal with Jonny without any violence.
  • Paul’s infolink in Osgoods’ no longer plays.
  • Trying to buy Sandra will now actually cost 200 credits instead of 100 previously, just like the conversation says.
  • Fixed some terrorists having two knives.

Underworld Tavern (All):

  • Reduced the size of the bar so Shea can be talked to from the other side.

Hell’s Kitchen Sewers (First Visit):

  • Changed the lab/barracks area.

UNATCO HQ (Second Visit):

  • Fixed some objects on slanted surfaces not being angled to the surface.

LaGuardia Airfield (Helibase):

  • Lowered the ambient volume of the turrets above the water.
  • Fixed a floating cigarette machine.

LaGuardia Airfield:

  • Fixed moon texture.
  • Made skybox clouds animated.
  • The doors and lockers inside the barracks now have metal fragments and sounds instead of wooden ones.
  • Fixed the NG+ divers not getting removed at mission end.

LaGuardia Airfield (Hangar):

  • Made it impossible to skip Gunther or Paul’s infolinks.
  • Prevented the player from being able to stand under the lower engines as view bob would clip the view inside.
  • Fixed moon texture.
  • Made skybox clouds animated.
  • Changed Revision conversation music to new version.
  • The terrorists will now shout at you if you shoot weapons near them.

UNATCO HQ (Third Visit):

  • Fixed some objects on slanted surfaces not being angled to the surface.

Ton Hotel (Second Visit):

  • Redesigned Gilbert’s conversation so you can choose which of the five weapons you give him.

New York Majestic 12 Facility:

  • Added a prod at the start on easy/normal.
  • Added the Maintenance Entry camera to the security console inside.
  • The amount of combat knives you have no longer resets when captured, in Biomod/Shifter.

UNATCO HQ (Last Visit):

  • Changed Miguel to always be called Miguel.
  • Fixed being able to take the sniper rifle at the gun range without opening its container.

Liberty Island (Last Visit):

  • The unused original outro music now plays here.
  • Changed Miguel to always be called Miguel.

Hong Kong:

  • More texture fixes regarding text.

Wan Chai Underground Mall & Lucky Money:

  • Ling goes back to her start if you try to go somewhere where she’s not allowed with her, intended in the original game but missing the trigger for it.

Versalife Advanced R&D (Level 2):

  • Fixed a typo in the Nanotechnology Researcher’s name.
  • Aligned the UC exits.

Ton Hotel (Final Visit):

  • Ordered the lobby riot cops to patrol paths similar to what was intended in the original, but didn’t happen due to glitches.

Brooklyn Naval Shipyards (Interior):

  • Enemies are now deaf while the klaxon plays.
  • Changed a security console from Hong Kong to China.

PRCS Wall Cloud:

  • The fire grates now burn things in front of them. Also fixed the textures for them.
  • Enemies are now deaf while the klaxon plays.


  • Fixed the gatekeeper’s door being too high.

Paris Catacombs:

  • Fixed being able to get stuck at one of the caved in doors.
  • Fixed Agent Hela’s animation for holding the LAW.

La Porte de l’Enfer:

  • Fixed floating items.

Cathedral du Paynes:

  • Fixed a typo in a datacube.

California Gas Station:

  • The door holding Tiffany now opens towards the wall instead of into the room, this also stops her from closing the door on you.
  • Lowered the strength of the hatch on the roof of the building holding the repair bot from 50 to 13.
  • Changed the outro so Jock is more animated.

Submarine Base near Pasadena:

  • Added infolink.

Missile Silo near Pasadena:

  • Changed the sniper and dogs to not move until you leave the starting area, allowing you to save before attacked.

Chapter 15:

  • Increased the volume of two Revision tracks slightly.
  • Renamed these maps.

Area 51 (Surface):

  • Jock no longer dies if; you talked to Ray, talked to Everett about Ray, talked to Jock about the bomb and had it removed, and left the level without killing Ray.

Area 51 (Sector 2):

  • An infolink plays giving you the code to the doors if you skipped Everett’s conversation.

Area 51 (Sector 3):

  • Fixed a typo in a skill award trigger.

Area 51 (Sector 4):

  • The spiderbots can now open the automatic doors and don’t get stuck on the small ramps next to them.
  • Improved the pathing of the upper grays.

(Ending) Party!:

  • Fixed being unable to exit on this map without using the command line.


  • After wave 50, all new WiBs will be upgraded to SuperWiBs which can use two-handed weapons.


  • Added SacrificeAchievementCheck command to allow you to find out when and why the Unavoidable Sacrifice achievement was failed, will only work if failed on this version or later.
  • Added physics for explosions hitting indestructible crates.
  • AI will now react to a weapon’s laser on realistic.
  • Cameras now react to dead bodies on realistic.
  • Cameras now display static in security consoles when turned off. Cameras must be turned on to look around.
  • Changed the speed of the ‘put away’ animation for batons from 1.5 seconds in vanilla and 2 seconds in HDTP to 1 second for both.
  • Conversations will now display the amount of credits you have at the upper left.
  • Due to the fixed plasma damage last patch, the bonus damage against commandos has been reduced from 2.5 to 2 for plasma rifles, and 3 to 2.5 for PS20s.
  • Fixed a glitch in which picking up a weapon that had momentum would cause the weapon to fall out of the level and be deleted, even from your inventory.
  • Flares can now ignite props (but not enemies).
  • Healing while both legs are broken will now prioritize healing one of the legs before healing the rest of your body.
  • NPCs that are stunned with the riot prod while in the process of opening/closing a door will no longer go back to being unstunned when the door has finished opening/closing.
  • NPCs will no longer sit on burning chairs and will stand up when their chair is set on fire.
  • One-use weapons (LAWs, PS20s) that are on the belt will now try to find another copy of the weapon in the inventory that isn’t already in the belt and will place it in the same slot as the one that was just used.
  • Recoil on non-automatic weapons now happens with a quick kick rather than for the entirety of the firing animation. This is most noticeable with an untrained sawed-off shotgun.
  • Running into weak doors or windows will now damage them, this damage is increased with the speed and muscle augs.
  • SCUBA divers are now immune to gas and no longer turn into a t-pose when taking this kind of damage.
  • Sniper rifles now play a quick ‘zoom in’ animation before zooming in.
  • The AI will now shoot explosives you’re hiding behind if the explosion wouldn’t hurt them.
  • The AI will now shoot at any explosives around you that will damage you, as long as they don’t hurt them, and you’re on realistic.
  • The AI will now shoot windows/doors you are hiding behind if their weapon is strong enough to destroy it.
  • Updated the goals/notes page; allowed sorting of notes between datacubes, literature (books + newspapers), emails (including public terminal information), and other sources (player made and conversations). Along with this, also added the ability to search for text in all notes (this does not respect the above filters).
  • Upgrading swimming while in the water now applies the oxygen/swim speed upgrades.
  • You can now use the keyboard to select choices in conversations, use 1-9 to select choices.


  • Multi-missile mayhem: enemies can fire multiple rockets per second.
  • Lossy Magazines: reloading causes you to lose the remaining ammo in the magazine.
  • Stay Away: being close to enemies that are trying to attack you deals damage to you.
  • Lowered the amount of damage that Short Circuit mode does.
  • Added weapon mods to crate contents for Randomized Crate Contents modifier.
  • Redesigned randomized crate contents to used weighted values.


  • Added a message for trying to lock-on to a target with the GEP gun while no ammo is loaded in it.
  • Added HDTP options for medical bots and repair bots.
  • Animals can no longer eat themselves.
  • Augmentation canisters now also state which slot the augmentations inside are installed to and the information of both augs.
  • Disallowed being able to right click things while the spydrone is out in ‘Normal’ mode to prevent glitches when picking up carcasses.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Greasels now play their unused swimming attack animation.
  • Increased the buoyancy of rat carcasses.
  • Increased the speed of the dog’s death animation.
  • Lowered the brightness of held objects.
  • Made the following items flammable: ChairLeather (in Normal mode), Flowers, Newspapers, Books.
  • Moved robot sounds to the bark system; they now have subtitles and will no longer talk while dead/dying.
  • NPCs are more likely to complain if you toggle a lamp near them.
  • Personal computers, ATMs, and public terminals (when on or turning on) now illuminate things in front of them.
  • Planting your last grenade on a wall and then looking away will no longer show a grenade in your hand.
  • Plasma now uses the old, pre-multiplayer, effects while flying through the air.
  • Rats can now swim and play their unused swimming animations.
  • Removed the 1% chance of a different main menu background, now expanded the system to have an option to enable it and added many more maps which load depending on where you last exited the game.
  • Replaced typos in Liberty Island tourism image: specail > special, serivce > service, monunment > monument, designtated > designated.
  • Restructured the energy drain rate information in ‘normal’ mode to show the base drain rates, the drain rates with augmentation upgrades installed (cloak/radar transparency) and power recirculator reducing if efficient to, and the total cost it would take it run this augmentation alongside power recirculator, assuming only these two augs were on.
  • Snow now leaves a small, brief mark on the ground when it hits it.
  • The HUD no longer reappears if closing the main menu while dead.
  • Timed autosaves will no longer happen while something is in the way (keypad, computer UI, etc), will wait until after it is closed to save.
  • Tumbleweed no longer clips into the ground.
  • Fixed the save path in ‘Normal’ mode to use the new directory structure introduced in 1.2.
  • Added the enhanced OpenGL renderer, as an alternative to DirectX 9.
Björn Ehrby
Björn Ehrby
Producer at Caustic Creative
Björn joined the project in 2008, bringing everything and everyone together. Over the years, his contributions have ensured that our team has produced good work, and that our efforts have been bug-free as we can manage. He hails from Sweden.