Today is our three-year anniversary for Deus Ex: Revision, and we mark the occasion with a small anniversary update, v1.4.0.1.


  • Fixed the subtitles incorrectly being displayed offscreen when playing at a 16:9 resolution.

Training (Combat):

  • Fixed some really bad doors, doors with gaps wider than was required or doors clipping into walls and being visible from outside.


  • Lowered the strength of the shooting range targets.

Battery Park (First Visit):

  • You can now choose to give the kids either soy food or a candybar if you have both in your inventory.

Hell’s Kitchen (First Visit):

  • Removed the duplicate women from Battery Park.

Smuggler’s Lair (First Visit):

  • Made it possible to disable the second gas grenade while untrained.

Chapter 3:

  • Dealing with the friendly terrorists will no longer cost skillpoints in Biomod/Shifter.

Chapter 5:

  • Fixed bad ammos showing in the armoury in Biomod/Shifter.
  • Fixed Smash the State not being awarded if someone on the level was unconscious, even if not a UNATCO troop or Manderley.


  • Improved framerate.

Chapter 9:

  • Fixed typo in goal. “PCS” > “PRCS”.

Brooklyn Naval Shipyards (Interior):

  • Fixed badly floating faucet.

California Gas Station:

  • Fixed some overlapping wooden panels on the sewer exit.
  • Lowered strength of wooden panels on the sewer exit.

Chapter 14:

  • Rats and flies no longer spawn in underwater sections.

Missile Silo near Pasadena:

  • Changed the 6th floor of the silo to have the MiB patrolling and commando standing instead of both wandering.

Chapter 15:

  • Fixed backwards textures.
  • Gave a title to the shack camera.


  • Added a modifier which disables robot usage except for augmentation installation.
  • Added “Pack Mule” modifier, no limit to how much ammo you can have.


  • Cathedral boss now teleports closer to the cathedral if it is in the unreachable area for over 2 minutes.
  • Fixed survival start wave UI being broken.


  • Fixed ‘Infiltration’ challenge not being possible in vanilla mode.
  • Fixed ‘Stamina’ challenge not ending if running out of time.


  • Added a light to the spydrone which can be activated with the light aug.
  • Added option for energy regeneration to custom difficulty.
  • Added option to change handedness to left/right/hidden.
  • Disallowed skillpoints going negative due to Biomod/Shifter reduction from killing friendlies.
  • Fixed end game achievements being awarded with achievements being disabled.
  • Fixed game pausing while deleting a note in realtime UI mode.
  • Increased range for critical hits to the head from behind in Normal mode.
  • Re-enabled duping on easy.
  • Prevented the player from dying while quickloading.
  • Unlocked survival/challenges if you have the achievement for beating the game.


  • Achievement failed messages should no longer appear while achievements are disabled.
  • Added “Dark Blue” as a menu theme to compliment dark blue HUD theme.
  • Allowed weapon mods to stack.
  • Attempting to pick up a refused item a second time will allow it to be picked up.
  • Build date now displays either in DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY, depending on your settings.
  • Cloaking now displays the cloaking texture on whatever is held.
  • Fixed “cannister” typo on vanilla flamethrower model.
  • Fixed ammo being HDTP at map load.
  • Fixed an alarm light’s light always being visible, even when not active.
  • Fixed books, datacubes, and newspapers not falling to the ground when the object they were sat on was picked up or destroyed.
  • Fixed cats and rats not respecting HDTP None.
  • Fixed errors in vanilla where the game would try to replace empty inventory slots.
  • Fixed keyring being visible for one frame when looking down while putting it away.
  • Fixed navy MJ12 spawning incorrect carcasses.
  • Fixed palleted crates distorting at a distance.
  • Fixed the recoil stat being displayed incorrectly on weapons with below 0.1 recoil.
  • Fixed turret bases not using their HDTP model.
  • Fixed turrets not using their HDTP muzzle flashes.
  • Fixed warping on models of HDTP animals.
  • Having no theme set for the menu should load the default theme.
  • Setting HDTP to none now disables it for everything, including decorations, decals, and fragments.
Björn Ehrby
Björn Ehrby
Producer at Caustic Creative
Björn joined the project in 2008, bringing everything and everyone together. Over the years, his contributions have ensured that our team has produced good work, and that our efforts have been bug-free as we can manage. He hails from Sweden.