We’re looking for a programmer to help sort out a tool that will help us improve Deus Ex: Revision going forward. We want to have this person rewrite the original ConEdit, the tool which was used to create and modify conversation dialogues in Deus Ex. The original ConEdit doesn’t allow us to deal in a feasible way with localization and changing dialogues, so we’re looking for somebody to create a version which lets us do exactly that.

Intrigued? You won’t need any knowledge about the Unreal Engine, but you need to be able to understand basic C/C++ code. You can work in the programming language of your choice. If you are interested in creating a replacement ConEdit tool capable of managing changing dialogues and multiple languages, get in touch at contact@dx-revision.com.

John French
John French
Music Composer & Creative Director at Caustic Creative
John joined the team in 2012, and lives in the UK. He's the composer behind the majority of the new soundtrack, and is responsible for a wide variety of little touches which shape the overall presentation and experience of the game.