Today is the one-year anniversary for Deus Ex: Revision, and we’re marking the occasion with Update 1.1.1.

This anniversary update is headlined by the addition of six new pieces of boss fight music for Anna Navarre, Gunther Hermann, and Walton Simons. We’ve put all six tracks in a compilation video on YouTube as part of the OST playlist. We had a lot of fun working on these, and hope you all enjoy.

Additionally, we’re introducing Modifiers, small twists on the three gameplay modes (Normal, Shifter, BioMod). These Modifiers can be selected at the beginning of a new game, and provide different challenges ranging from the quirky to the downright punishing. We strongly recommend that players new to Revision or Deus Ex give these options a wide berth, and only try them out on second or third play-throughs.

Further updates for 1.1.1 include:

Liberty Island (First visit):

  • Fixed two underwater BSPs.
  • Gave the sniper a voice.

UNATCO HQ (All Versions):

  • Fixed Gunther’s lamp clipping into his computer.
  • Fixed being able to get stuck in the interrogation room.

Battery Park (First visit):

  • Added an infolink if you skip Anna’s intro conversation.
  • Fixed rain.
  • Fixed and improved pathing.
  • Extended the seabed to not abruptly cut off in front of the player.
  • Moved and increased the size of a skillpoint trigger.
  • Decreased the size of a crate to stop it being destroyed by a door.
  • Decreased the size of a cigarette machine to stop it being selectable through a wall.

Hell’s Kitchen (First visit):

  • Fixed the shop safe stating that it’s locked, but not being pickable.
  • Fixed the two UNATCO troopers outside the Ton hotel giving 8 gas grenades instead of 3 if your inventory is full the first time.
  • Added another infolink.

Underworld Tavern (First visit):

  • Improved pathing.
  • Made Jock disappear from the bar after the generator is destroyed.

Smuggler’s Lair (First visit):

  • Fixed the player being able to get stuck behind some crates.

Hell’s Kitchen (NSF Warehouse):

  • Fixed textures.
  • Removed an incorrect flag trigger.

NYC Underground (All Versions):

  • Fixed the anti-gravity waterfall.

UNATCO HQ (Second visit):

  • Fixed a bad pivot point on one of JC’s cupboards.

Battery Park (Second visit):

  • Fixed being able to see the end of the tunnel at the level transition.

Brooklyn Bridge Station:

  • Fixed Lenny’s conversation for trading him zyme if your inventory was full.
  • Fixed a turnstile disappearing if looking at it in one place.
  • Fixed some doors having the wrong explosion sound and fragments set.

Tunnels near the Brooklyn Bridge Station:

  • Changed a man’s name from “MolePerson” to “Mole Person”.
  • Terrorists that were attacking the player as they surrendered will now follow the player suspiciously.

LaGuardia Airfield (Helibase):

  • Moved a crate to prevent the player getting stuck.
  • Fixed the two doors near the ambrosia having bad pivot points.
  • Fixed the cameras and turrets not being disabled after the mission is complete.
  • Fixed all the wooden doors creating metal when destroyed.

LaGuardia Airfield (747):

  • Fixed the tail of the plane having a slight gap, letting the player see into the hangar.
  • Fixed the mesh above the ambrosia being unsolid.
  • Made the water in the sink act as water.

Chapter 4:

  • Fixed the toolbelt getting cleared and drugs/poison stopping if returning from Battery Park back to the street.

Liberty Island (Third visit):

  • Moved objects on the map to reduce file size.

UNATCO HQ (Third visit):

  • Removed a glitchy dart.
  • Fixed two of Alex’s monitors being fused.
  • Fixed a bad pivot point on one of JC’s cupboards.

Hell’s Kitchen (Second visit):

  • Fixed the shop safe stating that it’s locked, but not being pickable.
  • Fixed the bar doors being incorrectly positioned.
  • Fixed the thugs not having a voice.
  • Fixed a door having a one unit gap between it and the wall.

Underworld Tavern (Second visit):

  • Improved pathing.

Smuggler’s Lair (Second visit):

  • Fixed the player being able to get stuck behind some crates.

Ton Hotel (Second visit):

  • Fixed the game counting Paul as always alive if the player moved to Paul’s door.
  • Fixed the game checking if the remaining troops were less than 2 instead of equal to or less than two.
  • Fixed the “What a shame” conversation to play the intended way. It now only plays when Jojo kills Gilbert Renton and then the player kills Jojo.

Hell’s Kitchen Sewers (Second visit):

  • Added an infolink if you travel to the sewers before talking to Paul.

Hell’s Kitchen (NSF HQ):

  • Fixed some windows being out of their frames.
  • Fixed invisible collision near the bus stop.
  • Fixed pigeons from spawning in the sewer.
  • Centred the windows of the new area.
  • Added more blocks near the railway to prevent the player leaving the map.

Battery Park (Last visit):

  • Added new music for when fighting Gunther.
  • Added new music for when fighting Anna.

Chapter 5:

  • Miguel now spawns in the next map if near the player.

New York Majestic 12 Facility:

  • Fixed karkians not becoming hostile if their doors were opened with the security console instead of the buttons.
  • Miguel runs further to the exit than before.
  • Miguel no longer attacks MJ12 if waiting unless he is attacked first.

UNATCO HQ (Last visit):

  • Made the level easier on realistic.
  • Added new music for when fighting Anna.
  • Miguel runs for the exit now.

Liberty Island (Last visit):

  • Made the level easier on realistic.
  • Miguel now plays his outro as long as he is near Jock, rather than needing him to be following.

Hong Kong Majestic 12 Helibase:

  • Added another trigger to make Jock fire his missiles.

Wan Chai Market (Compound):

  • Increased the size of the teleporters to the market to prevent players from bypassing them.
  • Fixed floating signs.
  • Fixed some blocks being inside a wall.
  • Fixed brushes overlapping and causing issues.
  • Changed a bot to not go into stasis.
  • Lowered file size.

Tonnochi Road:

  • Fixed floating objects.
  • Expanded the map by adding the Queen’s Tower bathrooms.

Canals near Wan Chai Market:

  • Fixed J.C. sometimes not confirming that he’d been to the dead scientist’s body.
  • Fixed the walkway connecting the freezer to the tunnel using carpet sounds instead of metal ones.

Wan Chai Underground Mall & Lucky Money:

  • Moved a man in the club.
  • Fixed a computer having the incorrect logins and emails.
  • Fixed floating alarm panels.

Hell’s Kitchen (Last visit):

  • Fixed JC floating during the outro cutscene.
  • Made the mobile communication nodes disable the bots when destroyed.

Hell’s Kitchen Sewers (Last visit):

  • Added an infolink.

Brooklyn Naval Shipyards (Exterior):

  • Fixed a soldier having the wrong tag set.
  • Added a new model for the friendly guards.

Brooklyn Naval Shipyards (Interior):

  • Added a new model for the friendly guards.

PRCS Wall Cloud:

  • Fixed a door having an incorrect pivot point.

NYC Cemetery:

  • Changed the requirements of “Unearthed Horrors” achievement.

Paris High-Rise near Denfert-Rochereau:

  • Added exploration bonus.

Paris Streets (Near Denfert-Rochereau):

  • Fixed the gates stating that they’re locked, but not being pickable.

Paris Catacombs:

  • Fixed the map of the catacombs showing the entrance as being in the wrong room.
  • Fixed the music briefly playing the cathedral theme if switching from Revision to vanilla music.
  • Fixed a floating dart board.
  • Fixed the security bots going into stasis if they went too far away on their patrol.
  • Made the exit of the catacombs slightly easier to find.

Paris Streets (Near Champs-Elysees):

  • Fixed the sax version of the music having a bad loop.
  • Fixed floating plants in the hostel.
  • Fixed floating phones in the hostel.
  • Fixed many textures.
  • Fixed a bad pivot point on the gate to the club’s courtyard and made the AI able to open it.
  • Fixed pathing.
  • Fixed a hidden BSP error.
  • Fixed the rain not displaying while indoors.
  • Extended road markings to the entire road.

Cathedral du Paynes:

  • Added new music for when talking to or fighting Gunther.
  • Moved the some infolinks to the metro.
  • Replaced some blue lasers near the bridge with red ones.
  • Changed a door’s strength and threshhold values.
  • Fixed incorrect texture in a door arch.
  • Fixed a floating painting.
  • Added button to other side of Gunther’s blast door.

Metro Station near Cathedral du Paynes:

  • Moved some infolinks around.
  • Moved a cop so that he isn’t shown between level transitions and doesn’t become simultaneously dead and alive at the same time.

Vandenberg Air Force Base:

  • Added title names to the camera views.
  • Added furniture on level 1 inside the main building.
  • Set Tony Mares to run to Tong at the end of the mission.
  • Lowered the ambient sound of the plants inside the main building.
  • Fixed Stephanie Maxwell’s conversation again.

Tunnels under Vandenberg Air Force Base:

  • Fixed pathing.
  • Fixed a broken light.
  • Fixed many textures.
  • Made the map more stable overall.

Submarine Base near Pasadena:

  • Added flasks.
  • Fixed a missing space in a nanokey’s description.
  • Fixed a glitchy window causing many rendering errors when looked at.
  • Fixed the welding sound not turning off after returning.
  • Fixed textures.
  • Fixed cupboard pivot points and changed both to open when one is used.
  • Changed the laser emitter for the welder to be invisible.
  • Enabled the unused outro cutscene.

Pasadena Ocean Lab:

  • Added another infolink trigger for an alternate route.

Missile Silo near Pasadena:

  • Improved pathing.
  • Fixed a brush extending too far in the launch command.
  • Fixed the TNT detonating when the door is opened.
  • Fixed floating lights.
  • Fixed grass disappearing if standing in one place.

Area 51 (Surface):

  • Added more blocks to prevent the player from easily leaving the map in some areas.
  • Fixed some lights in the comm building.
  • Fixed being able to walk through a fence in one area.

Area 51 (Sector 2):

  • Fixed an invisible locker.
  • Fixed textures.
  • Gave the sniper at the bridge a sniper rifle with a laser and silencer mod attached.
  • Changed the music when fighting Simons.

Area 51 (Sector 3):

  • Fixed the GEP gunner to be out of sight when loading the level on realistic.
  • Fixed textures.
  • Fixed some stairs having floating poles.
  • Expanded map.
  • Added camera names to the security console.
  • Added more flares to a crate.
  • Added a ladder to the Northwest vat.
  • Increased the size of an achievement trigger.

Area 51 (Sector 4):

  • Fixed Bob Page not having a name.
  • Fixed some vents with a bad pivot point.
  • Fixed a commando not being allied to the rest of the troops.
  • Changed the beds in the clone tank room to have the same style as the ones in the medical room.
  • Changed the troopers to be unable to open the Aquinas Substation Door.


  • Added “Small Items” modifier, changing all weapons to be 1×1 in size, but disabling some achievements.
  • Added “Return Damage” modifier, where all lethal damage done to enemies is also returned to the player.
  • Added “Short Circuit” modifier, dealing damage if augs are turned on.
  • Added “No augs” modifier, disallowing the installation of augmentations.
  • Added “Sudden Death” modifier, in which any damage from an NPC kills you.
  • Added “Limited Ammo” modifier, where any weapons and ammo can only be obtained from NPCs.
  • Added “Fatal Cameras” modifier, where any alarms set off by cameras will cause you to explode.
  • Added the assault heartgun as a secret collectable in Normal gamemode.
  • AI now reacts to unconscious bodies as well as dead ones.
  • Cameras no longer go into stasis when far away.
  • Changed bosses to not drop their weapons (particularly Gunther).
  • Changed knocked out MiBs/WiBs to be able to be detonated if killed afterwards.
  • Changed the plasma rifle in Normal gamemode: Plasma can now damage cameras, turrets, and alarm panels. Plasma will disable bots instead of damaging them. Plasma deals extra damage to commandos. Plasma will drain your bioenergy. Plasma rifle now glows slightly when equipped.
  • Fixed the scope on the rail gun and precision rifle not being thermal vision in Biomod/Shifter.
  • Grenades now detonate on contact with enemies at master demolitions skill level on ‘Normal’ gameplay mode.
  • Increased the height that bipedal robots can climb, particularly for kerbs.
  • Lasers can be bypassed by using both the cloak and radar transparency augmentations at the same time.
  • Military bots can now crush any bodies they stand on and kill/destroy them.


  • Added 14 new achievements.
  • Added localized strings for the Spy Drone augmentation.
  • Added prototype non-Steam stat tracking in “Normal” gamemode, use the command ‘Displaystats’ with the optional arguments ‘Items’, ‘Animals’, ‘Robots’, ‘Humans’, ‘AIcombat’, ‘Playercombat’, ‘Grenades’, ‘All’.
  • AI now plays their “out of ammo” lines, when switching to their melee weapons.
  • Fixed “Critic” achievement for Biomod/Shifter.
  • Fixed “Mankind Divided” being awarded in incorrect circumstances.
  • Fixed “Ready for Action” and “Infiltrator” achievements not triggering if the conditions are met from looting a body.
  • Fixed “The Fall” achievement from being awarded from animals.
  • Fixed a typo in the augmentation canister’s description.
  • Fixed animal carcasses being unable to be killed after being knocked out.
  • Fixed Anna Navarre and Walton Simons having glitchy textures if their cloak is turned off while using the HDTP models.
  • Fixed barrels spawning their smoke when destroyed by fire/plasma.
  • Fixed being unable to drop items while something is highlighted in game.
  • Fixed being unable to quick switch to the ancient sword in Biomod/Shifter.
  • Fixed birds flapping around while dying.
  • Fixed carcasses losing some of their stats when picked up.
  • Fixed crates sometimes spawning their contents in a wall, and thus giving nothing.
  • Fixed Maggie Chow’s body not using both positions.
  • Fixed the firing and reloading animations from playing while dying.
  • Fixed the game not resetting the achievement flags when starting a new game.
  • Fixed the magnum not displaying its correct graphics (Shifter and Biomod).
  • Fixed the player keeping their inventory if starting a new game while dead.
  • Fixed vans blowing up upon contact with flames.
  • Removed the hardcoded names for fish carcasses to allow for translation.
  • Terrorists bleed more and children bleed less when dead.
  • The ancient sword no longer glows while on the ground.
  • The assault heartgun no longer causes enemies to bleed, now has a steady glow instead of a flickering one, and uses the HDTP model instead of the standard one.
  • The cloak augmentation and thermoptic camo now makes the player look invisible.
  • Updated French translation.

Please note:

As a general reminder, when game content is updated in a patch, it cannot affect locations you have already visited in a saved game. This is because the saved game was created based on the older version of the game, and acts as a snapshot of that older version. Once you load a saved game and travel to a new location in the game world, you will begin to encounter the updated content. Got a bug you want fixed? Suggestion you want implemented? Post it here: http://bugs.dx-revision.com

John French
John French
Music & Creative at Caustic Creative
John composed most of the Revision score, and contributed to a wide variety of design touches which shape the overall presentation and experience of the game.

He lives in the UK.