We’re thrilled to announce the official Good Old Games release of Deus Ex: Revision, as DLC for Deus Ex: Game of the Year! This release includes all of the updates we’ve made since our original launch on Steam in October 2015, including a full set of achievements for players using the GoG Galaxy client. It should now be available for everyone who owns Deus Ex: GOTY in their Good Old Games library. To celebrate the launch, Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition is 75% off at GOG.com!


Today also marks the release of version 1.2 STATEROOM for both the GOG and Steam editions. v1.2 STATEROOM features over 200 fixes and changes, with a focus on improving AI reactivity and addressing general ’fit and finish’ issues, both in-game and under-the-hood. It also adds 13 new gameplay modifiers for a total of 36, so you can squeeze, twist, and contort Deus Ex into offering the challenge you want. Check out the complete list of changes over here.

Until next time!
-Caustic Creative

John French
John French
Music & Creative at Caustic Creative
John composed most of the Revision score, and contributed to a wide variety of design touches which shape the overall presentation and experience of the game.

He lives in the UK.