The complete list of changes for v1.2 STATEROOM are below. As with every update, please be aware that while saved games from older versions of Deus Ex: Revision should work, you will not see changes in the game world until you progress to a new location.

Training (Combat):

  • Fixed a typo in one of Gunther’s infolinks.

Liberty Island (First Visit):

  • Fixed some geometry errors.
  • Increased the credits from a chest from 20 to 200.

UNATCO HQ (All Versions):

  • Gunther’s safe can now be opened in NG+.
  • Lowered Manderley’s desk.

Battery Park (First Visit):

  • Fixed the goal for saving the Battery Park hostages lingering.
  • Fixed rain.
  • Fixed door pivot point.
  • Fixed Alex playing an infolink twice.
  • The flamethrower in Castle Clinton now has a combat knife too.

Hell’s Kitchen (First Visit):

  • Changed a thug to be neutral.
  • Removed one of the turrets in the shop.
  • Fixed a cagelight being too far in the ceiling.

Free Clinic (First Visit):

  • The bums in the clinic now display their names when they tell you them.

Ton Hotel (First Visit):

  • Reduced the chance of missing the skillpoint bonus for rescuing the hostages.
  • The hostages no longer talk to you until their terrorist has been dealt with.

Hell’s Kitchen Sewers (First Visit):

  • Renamed the dead MJ12 Trooper to Paramilitary Trooper.

Hell’s Kitchen (NSF Warehouse):

  • Fixed the broken parts of the generator sometimes getting stuck in midair.

UNATCO HQ (Second Visit):

  • Fixed two of Anna’s responses to your performance being accidentally disabled due to an oversight.
  • Simons will leave Manderley’s room if you wait 15 minutes after talking to Anna.

Battery Park (Second Visit):

  • Prevented the player from being able to enter Castle Clinton.

Tunnels near the Brooklyn Bridge Station:

  • Blocked off the fake door.
  • Fixed a trigger clipping through a wall.

LaGuardia Airfield (Helibase):

  • Extended a vent.
  • Texture fixes.

LaGuardia Airfield:

  • Added patrolling helicopter.
  • Fixed a floating light.
  • Fixed the sniper alliances so they don’t attack the bots and gave them knives.
  • Fixed container textures.
  • Fixed the floating satellite dish.

LaGuardia Airfield (747):

  • Rotated the ambrosia.
  • Made the conference room windows one-way and tinted.
  • Fixed four of Anna’s responses to your performance being accidentally disabled due to an oversight.
  • If you kill Anna and talk to Gunther, he will run to Lebedev and kill him.

Hell’s Kitchen (NSF HQ):

  • Renamed Simons to “Government Official”.
  • Fixed the UNATCO responses to you not killing Lebedev not working due to oversight.

Hell’s Kitchen (Second Visit):

  • The riot cops react to UNATCO being attacked.
  • The UNATCO troopers that spawn before the raid can now react to sound.

Underworld Tavern (Second Visit):

  • Added a datacube.

Ton Hotel (Second Visit):

  • Added an arm aug.
  • Fixed a small bit of dialogue with Paul that was accidentally disabled.

Hell’s Kitchen (NSF HQ):

  • Improved pathing.
  • Gave some previously unused lines for the UNATCO storyline to some troopers here.

New York Majestic 12 Facility:

  • Fixed the player’s items disappearing when reloading when using the ‘clean streets’ modifier.
  • Fixed some vents using wooden fragments.
  • Fixed typos in some emails.

UNATCO HQ (Final Visit):

  • Fixed “A Real Hardass” being awarded in the wrong conditions.
  • Anna’s special music now also plays if she’s hostile.
  • Enabled some of Alex’s lines that were disabled due to mistakes.

Hong Kong Majestic 12 Helibase:

  • The assault force now reacts to sound.

Wan Chai Market (Compound Area):

  • Added a sign outside the temple.
  • Increased Louis Pan’s speed by 33%.

Tonnochi Road:

  • Fixed the ghost doors.
  • Fixed items being inside a table.

Wan Chai Underground Mall & Lucky Money:

  • Made it possible to hack open the club doors.
  • Ling no longer follows you after the raid if you never hired her.
  • Red Arrow should no longer fight you if you help them against the raid.


  • The civilians and cops now leave Versalife when the commandos enter.
  • Fixed a window being incorrectly positioned.

Versalife Advanced R&D (Level 1):

  • Added more beds to the barracks.
  • No longer lose skillpoints for killing/knocking out NPCs in Biomod.

Canal Road Tunnel near Wan Chai Market:

  • Lowered the height of the ATM.

Hell’s Kitchen (Final Visit):

  • Reordered the images that Dowd gives you so the lower decks image is the most recent.
  • Added hidden items.

Ton Hotel (Final Visit):

  • Removed the crying baby sounds.

Brooklyn Naval Shipyards (Exterior):

  • The LAM in the sewer no longer blows up the door protecting the valve.
  • Made some water transparent.

Brooklyn Naval Shipyards (Ventilation):

  • Klaxon now plays here, but quieter and lower pitch.

Brooklyn Naval Shipyards (Interior):

  • The explosions no longer throw you around if you are in the air or swimming.
  • Texture fixes.
  • Soldiers go back to where they were standing after being alerted.

PRCS Wall Cloud:

  • When the lights are disabled the AI should be unable to see the player while in the dark.
  • The explosions no longer throw you around if you are in the air or swimming.

NYC Cemetery:

  • Texture fix.
  • Small conversation change to correct what JC actually says to Dowd.

Paris Streets (Near Denfert-Rochereau):

  • Can now change the security bot’s alliance with the console on the communication node.
  • Improved commando reactions.

Denfert-Rochereau Metro Station:

  • Destroying the communication node now disables the robot.
  • Fixed computers being on top of chairs.

Paris Catacombs:

  • Destroying the communication nodes now disables the robots.

Paris Streets (Near Champs-Elysees):

  • Fixed the MJ12 troopers not having voices.
  • Fixed an area that was made inaccessible some time within the last year.

Cathedral du Paynes:

  • Fixed being able to get stuck at the well.
  • Fixed floating cameras.
  • Increased the amount of flares in two crates from 1 to 5.
  • Using the killphrase on Gunther now states that you failed the non-lethal achievement.

Vandenberg Air Force Base:

  • Improved commando reactions.

Tunnels under Vandenberg Air Force Base:

  • Added items.

California Gas Station:

  • Rotated the compass so the junkyard is to the south like Jock states.
  • Changed the map name from “Vandenberg – Gas” to “Vandenberg – Gas Station” for saves.
  • Fixed the goal for rescuing Tiffany lingering.

Submarine Base near Pasadena:

  • Fixed being able to get stuck in the forklift route.
  • Fixed the AI ignoring the player when returning from the lab.
  • Fixed the missile lasers.

Pasadena Ocean Lab (UC Module):

  • Fixed pathing.
  • Fixed being able to see through the ceiling in the vents when view-bob is enabled.
  • Fixed two misplaced brushes.
  • Mini-spiderbots are now contained until the blue lasers go off, like vanilla.
  • Set giant spiderbot to patrol instead of stand.

Missile Silo near Pasadena:

  • Fixed a texture being brightly lit.
  • Improved the MiB reactions.

Area 51 (Surface):

  • The dead mechanic in the water now floats.
  • The first military bot now plays its idle animations.
  • The first security bot is now darker.

Area 51 (Sector 2):

  • Fixed some troopers not having voices.
  • Fixed the gates for the elevator clipping through the ground.

Area 51 (Sector 3):

  • Added unused datacubes.

Area 51 (Sector 4):

  • Added unused datacubes.


  • Added special robot waves every 126, 156, 226, 256, etc waves.
  • Difficulty increases after 150, 250, and 400 waves survived to normal, hard, and realistic respectively.
  • Enemies (excluding bosses) now disappear after 10 minutes.
  • Enemies may carry scrambler grenades past wave 28.
  • Enemies now have 100% cloak chance after wave 500.
  • Fixed being able to keep items and have unlimited skill-points.
  • Fixed being able to transfer the wave number from one map to another.
  • Karkians now prioritise attacking above eating.
  • Limited the amount of enemies on the map at once to ~75 to reduce lag.
  • Messages now appear telling you when a boss wave starts, a special wave starts, or when the helicopters and dobermans are introduced.


  • World’s Most Wanted: everyone wants to kill you.
  • Forceful repossession: only allowed one item at a time, killing someone instantly gives you their weapon, including robots.
  • Random crate contents: does exactly what it says.
  • Instant cameras: cameras will instantly set off their alarm if they see you.
  • Invisible lasers: all lasers beams are invisible.
  • Silent lasers: lasers don’t make any noise.
  • Lethal lasers: going through a laser instantly kills you.
  • Invisible items: pre-placed items are completely invisible until picked up.
  • Randomised weight: NPCs have varied weights.
  • Randomised augmentations: all augmentation canisters have random augmentations in them.
  • Healing enemies: all NPCs heal every second, amount depending on your difficulty.
  • No saving: what it says.
  • High nerves: enemies don’t forget that they saw you and keep searching.


  • Accuracy and recoil weapon mods can no longer be applied to weapons if they wouldn’t grant a bonus, in Biomod/Shifter.
  • Added an option to add emails to your datavault if using the login or advanced+ hacking. Also added an option to have books and newspapers automatically added.
  • Added enemies on New Game+ and the option to disable this.
  • Aggressive defensive system no longer detonates an ally’s explosives.
  • AI now reacts to injured dogs.
  • Biocells now display the correct amount of energy restored in Biomod and Shifter.
  • Buffed tranquilizer dart headshot damage.
  • Crowbars do bonus damage against doors/windows in ‘Normal’ mode.
  • Dogs now bark and alert others in the area before attacking.
  • EMP shield reduces bioelectric energy reduction from plasma attacks and stacks with the energy shield.
  • Enemies that are rubbing their eyes and then hit by a tranquilizer dart will continue rubbing their eyes instead of immediately attacking.
  • Fixed being unable to use buttons/consoles with the spydrone in Biomod.
  • Fixed getting bonus ammo from dropped weapons in Biomod/Shifter.
  • Fixed grenades being duplicated onto the ground sometimes in Biomod/Shifter.
  • Fixed pre-placed carcasses not having inventory in Hall of Mirrors mode.
  • Gave dogs the ability to jump at enemies.
  • Held unconscious bodies have a chance to die if shot.
  • Hid some stats until they’re obtained.
  • If an item is refused then it is spawned on the ground instead of kept on the body, in Normal mode.
  • Improved flare lighting.
  • Increased the lifespan of pepper spray from 1 to 1.5, in ‘Normal’ mode.
  • Items automatically deactivate when trying to drop them from the inventory.
  • Ported stats to Biomod and Shifter.
  • SCUBA divers no longer drown and continue to breathe when unconscious.
  • Sniper Rifles can no longer have range mods as they serve no practical purpose.
  • The following things now make sound the AI reacts to when used: Buttons, switches, doors/vents, faucets, hand dryers, lamps, pinball machines, showers, toilets, urinals, valves, water coolers, water fountains, coffee, pianos, vending machines.
  • The tracking augmentation can no longer track destructible surfaces, windows, or doors.
  • Wearing a hazmat suit while taking damage from a flamethrower while you have master environmental resistance no longer sets you on fire.


  • 1% chance for a different main menu.
  • Added a HDTP option for spiderbots.
  • Added a possible anti-epilepsy option, disabling the flickering lights.
  • Added a tutorial for the Biomod tracking aug.
  • Added an option to change the crosshair between the vanilla and Revision version. Also added new crosshairs to chose from.
  • Added an option to quick-use medkits and biocells.
  • Added an option to switch between payphone and numpad layouts for keypads.
  • Added batons to the low-tech skill description.
  • Added HDTP version of explosive 10mm ammo (Biomod/Shifter).
  • Added infolink icons for JC in Hall of Mirrors mode to replace the old Paul ones.
  • AllAmmo cheat now updates belt to show correct amount of grenades.
  • ATMs now auto-write the max amount of money you can withdraw.
  • Augmentation canisters that would have no augmentation in them now give random augs in ‘Normal’ mode.
  • Augmentations now display their true energy rate, taking into account upgrades if the cloak or radar transparency aug, and the power recirculator aug reduction, in ‘Normal’ mode.
  • Cats once again eat even at full health.
  • Changed the description of the environmental training and demolition skill to mention the changes that Revision makes.
  • Changed the description of the regen aug to state that upgrading it increases the amount it heals, in Biomod.
  • Changed the format of the minimum damage required to destroy something from “(x min)” to “(Min: x)”.
  • Changed the pain sounds for dogs.
  • Cleaner bots no longer keep moving around if disabled.
  • Decreased the time it takes for security consoles to open.
  • Difficulty, modifiers and which chapter you start on can be changed upon restarting the game on NG+. Also added options to remove all ammo, items, skills, and augs.
  • Disabled the ‘use’ button for lockpicks, multitools, and augmentation canisters. Enabled the button for augmentation upgrade canisters and made it open the augmentations menu.
  • Dogs no longer bark while dying.
  • Doubled the health of civilian dogs.
  • Dropping datacubes no longer makes sound that the AI can hear.
  • End game achievements are no longer awarded if cheats were enabled.
  • Enemies now show an animation when breaking through windows or objects.
  • Equipable items now have ‘equip’ and ‘use’ buttons that make a little more sense regarding what they do.
  • Fixed “Fully Prepared” not being awarded if using the UI to heal.
  • Fixed challenges being instantly awarded when playing survival in Biomod.
  • Fixed credits and quotes music when viewing them from the main menu.
  • Fixed ‘Fastest Chapter 14’ stat.
  • Fixed getting softlocked if the spydrone is destroyed.
  • Fixed HDTP spiderbots having ‘PAGE’ backwards on their texture.
  • Fixed not having dialogue when having the effects channels at max.
  • Fixed Paul resurrecting himself.
  • Fixed pigeon feet clipping through the ground.
  • Fixed some nanokeys having overlapping IDs allowing them to be used in other chapters.
  • Fixed the laser mod only tracking distance up to 314ft, can now track up to approximately 1km, which is bigger than any level.
  • Fixed the magnum’s reload animation.
  • Fixed the map of the catacombs not being updated to use the image included in 1.1.1.
  • Fixed the models for GEP gun, LAW, plasma rifle, and held bodies being cut off on some FOV/resolutions.
  • Fixed the vision aug breaking during level transitions.
  • Fixed the vision enhancement and tech goggles giving people black objects like chef hats, glasses and helmets.
  • Fixed typos in HDTP newspapers.
  • Getting the incorrect code in a keypad three times closes the window, use this if you alt-tab.
  • Hacked devices now show if they are on or off, for when you “use” them.
  • Hall of Mirrors mode now gives enemies randomised skins.
  • HDTP JC now has translucent glasses instead of fully opaque.
  • In Biomod, right clicking a door with infinite lock strength no longer makes you put your weapon away and bring out a lockpick.
  • Increased the minimum distance for the AI to shoot the GEP gun to reduce the chance of them killing themselves.
  • LAMs and LAWs now display the true damage they do in their info instead of just 10%.
  • Made carcass names more reliable.
  • Mini-subs now have visible interiors.
  • Mirror reflections of characters now show their correct weight rather than inverted weight.
  • No longer make a pain sound from fall damage if the speed aug removed all damage.
  • Rats play an unused sound in ‘Normal’ mode.
  • Reworded the scrambler grenade description as the previous one incorrectly states that it forces bots to only attack other bots.
  • Right clicking the turret’s setting now allows you to cycle the options backwards.
  • The boat pilot no longer has red and blue skin.
  • The demolition skill now tells you that you can carry additional grenades in Biomod.
  • The magnum now always uses its special skin if it’s available, regardless of HDTP settings.
  • The riot prod no longer displays electricity if out of ammo or reloading.
  • The targeting aug displays a transparent box instead of a solid black one when it is too underleveled to get an image.
  • Toxin blade now makes the correct sound when killing someone in Biomod.
  • Tripled the light that napalm makes.
  • Turrets now no longer target flies, rats, fish, birds, etc.
  • Vans no longer darken with damage.
  • Viewing quotes with Revision music on now pauses the Revision music.
  • Weapon info now shows the real amount of ammo added by clip mods rather than a percentage which could be incorrect.
  • Weapon info now shows the real amount of damage a weapon does, followed by how many times it hits, in ‘Normal’ mode.
  • Weapon info now shows the real amount of damage a weapon does, if using secondary or tertiary ammo types.
  • Weapons now display the correct damage bonuses from their skill level in Biomod and Shifter, from 10%, 25%, and 50%, to 20%, 50%, and 100%.
  • You no longer make any sound if hit by a door while dead.
Björn Ehrby
Björn Ehrby
Producer at Caustic Creative
Björn joined the project in 2008, bringing everything and everyone together. Over the years, his contributions have ensured that our team has produced good work, and that our efforts have been bug-free as we can manage. He hails from Sweden.

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