After seven years of development, we are proud to announce that

Deus Ex: Revision 1.0 is now available

Thanks to the support of Square Enix, Revision is available right now as free DLC for everyone who owns Deus Ex: GOTY through Steam.
Steam Download - Revision
For those of you who don’t already own Deus Ex: GOTY on Steam, Square Enix have started a sale on Steam, and have cut the price of the game by 80%, along with the Director’s Cut of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
As an alternative to the Steam servers, we have also made a standalone installer available through our own site, and through ModDB. This installer contains all of the files necessary to play Deus Ex: Revision 1.0 on your computer. However, it is intended for use with a copy of Deus Ex owned through Steam. After installation, the next time Steam opens, allow it to proceed with the final steps of the installation to register everything properly.
For everyone who has followed this project over the years, thank you. I hope you enjoy our work.

Haris Buzis
Haris Buzis
Project Lead & Environment Designer at Caustic Creative
Haris started the Revision project in 2007 from his home in Finland, with the purpose of creating a brand new environment for the keen players of Deus Ex who had explored every inch of the game maps.
Harry re-designed (and even re-created) most of the maps and environments, with the intent of staying faithful to the original feel but with a modern take on details and complexity.