We have released update 1.0.4! The following issues and changes are addressed in this update:

Liberty Island (First Visit):

  • Increased the size of the skillpoint trigger when entering UNATCO.

UNATCO HQ (All Versions):

  • Fixed an odd desk texture.
  • Fixed overhang on Jaime’s computer.
  • Fixed some textures in Alex’s room being unlit.
  • Fixed the lower lobby’s TV mount being buggy.
  • Fixed a keyboard texture that was a bit to small and began repeating.
  • Fixed the diagram in the armoury being cut off.
  • Fixed the door to Alex’s server room using the old “Restriced Area” texture.
  • Fixed another ‘Restriced Area’ texture.
  • Flipped some textures in Alex’s room.
  • Made some large houseplants heavier.
  • Swapped out a painting for another one so there aren’t two identical ones next to each other.
  • Prevented rats from spawning from trash.

UNATCO HQ (First Visit):

  • Fixed the LAMs in Gunther’s safe (inaccessible still) being in the ground.
  • Fixed a nanokey under Alex’s floor floating.
  • Fixed a floating flag pole.
  • Fixed a skillpoint trigger being too small.
  • Fixed getting 60 throwing knives from the dummy in Anna’s room.

Battery Park (First Visit):

  • Set the subway UNATCO troops to wander after the terrorists are defeated.

Underworld Tavern (All Versions):

  • Added sinks to the bathroom.
  • Changed the Underworld Tavern to be more geographically correct.

Underworld Tavern (First Visit):

  • Readded a missing pinball machine.

Hell’s Kitchen (All Versions):

  • Fixed some floating cardboard boxes and trash outside the Ton.
  • Fixed slightly floating Hotel neon sign.
  • Fixed texture alignment on the Ton.
  • Fixed incorrect texturing on street light brushes.
  • Fixed texture scaling on the mattress in the Basketball building.
  • Fixed texture alignment on shower drain in Basketball building.
  • Fixed a few texture scaling issues.
  • Fixed erroneous texture under a phone.
  • Fixed texture scaling on the “No dogs allowed” signs in Tenderloin park.
  • Added a block between a street lamp and the wall to prevent players from getting stuck.
  • Swapped misspelled “Restricted area” texture outside the subway to corrected texture.
  • Made easter egg invincible.
  • Changed the Underworld Tavern to be more geographically correct.

Hell’s Kitchen (First Visit):

  • Added back window to the new apartment that was missing for some reason.
  • Added missing answering machine for Paul’s room.
  • Added pathing and made sure Paul would get into the train.
  • Added triggers to Smuggler’s back entrance.
  • Added NSF/Unatco triggers to the side entrances of Osgood’s.
  • Changed AI on RiotCop near smuggler’s back entrance to hate NSF and the Hijackers.
  • Made fence near subway climbable to prevent players from getting stuck.
  • Made the gates to Smuggler’s back entrance area breakable.
  • Made the planks to the side entrance of Osgood’s require less damage to break.
  • Fixed a soda can clipping a computer.
  • Fixed floating items in Osgood’s shelf.
  • Fixed the player being able to crawl through the Subway train windows.
  • Fixed a LAM being stuck in the ground.
  • Fixed Sandra not moving into the tavern properly.
  • Fixed door to Osgood’s side entrance having a backwards texture.
  • Fixed incorrect pivot point on a wardrobe door in the Basketball building.
  • Moved a skillpoint trigger for the new skyscraper apartment.
  • Moved a terrorist.
  • Removed some vanilla triggers that were unused.
  • Did some texture scale/alignments/fixes.
  • Adjusted scale on plane fragments.

Hell’s Kitchen Sewers:

  • Changed the names of the MJ12 Troops to “Paramilitary Trooper”.

Hell’s Kitchen (NSF Warehouse):

  • Added more logins for the computers.
  • Allowed the computer to open the safe in the basement.

Battery Park (Second Visit):

  • Readded the book containing the password to the phonebooth.
  • Readded the buzz sound if you try to use the train panels.
  • Added a button under the phone booth to recall it.

LaGuardia Airfield (747):

  • Even more texture fixes.
  • Moved a multitool slightly.
  • Removed an unused trigger.

UNATCO HQ (Third Visit):

  • Moved a computer back so it wasn’t hanging out in the air off a table.
  • Added Multitool in vent across the conference room on Level 2.

Hell’s Kitchen (Second Visit):

  • Fixed pathing.
  • Fixed buttons on elevators being inside the wall.
  • Fixed fire escape on the “Hotel” building changing between chapters.
  • Fixed floating items in Osgood’s shelf.
  • Fixed the player being able to crawl through the Subway train windows.
  • Added 10mm ammo.
  • Added more snipers on realistic.
  • Added missing answering machine for Paul’s room.
  • Made robots react to more things.
  • Made the gates to Smuggler’s back entrance area breakable.
  • Made the door and windows to the emptied shop near the tavern breakable.

Smuggler’s Lair (Second Visit):

  • Added pepper cartridge crate.

Hell’s Kitchen Sewers (Second Visit):

  • Increased the size of the centre skillpoint trigger.

Battery Park (Third Visit):

  • Increased the skillpoint bonus for getting past Anna from 50 to 250.

Hell’s Kitchen (NSF HQ):

  • Fixed the player being able to jump out of the map in a certain place.
  • Fixed the player softlocking (sorta) if sending the signal without aligning the dishes.
  • Fixed being able to send the NSF signal without aligning the dishes.
  • Flipped a texture.

New York Majestic 12 Facility:

  • Removed an erroneous InfoLink trigger left over by Ion Storm.
  • Fixed the robot in the maintenance area not becoming hostile when the glass was destroyed.

UNATCO HQ (Final Visit):

  • Fixed the AI being able to see through the reflective window at the start.
  • Fixed a floating flag pole.
  • Updated the pathing.
  • Made Anna’s locker pickable.
  • Made Anna’s locker open both doors when picked or key used.
  • Added a biocell.
  • Added pepper cartridge and flare darts to Alex’s closet.
  • Moved a computer back so it wasn’t hanging out in the air off a table.

Hong Kong Majestic 12 Helibase:

  • Removed some unused triggers.
  • Fixed some triggers being able to be activated prematurely.
  • Added more locations for Jock to fire his missiles, so you can use the vents to exit too.

Canals near Wan Chai Market:

  • Increased the size of some skillpoint triggers.


  • Many texture fixes, alignments, scales, changes, etc.
  • Gave a commando a biocell.
  • Gave a commando a medkit.
  • Added a satellite dish to the skybox.
  • Increased the storage button’s drawscale to 1.5.

Wan Chai Underground Mall & Lucky Money:

  • Hopefully neatened the map without breaking anything.
  • Removed some alliance triggers that made the police friendly.
  • Set a skillpoint trigger to have no collision.

Canal Road Tunnel near Wan Chai Market:

  • Increased the size of the skillpoint trigger.
  • Fixed the cops not being hostile when jumping over the barricade.
  • Gave two of the cops shotguns.

Hell’s Kitchen (Final Visit):

  • Added an exit cutscene.
  • Added sniper.
  • Added chair.
  • Added credits.
  • Added soda.
  • Added soy food.
  • Added recoil mod.
  • Added more locations for the infolinks to play.
  • Added pigeons.
  • Added 10mm ammo crate.
  • Fixed fire escape on the “Hotel” building changing between chapters.
  • Fixed pathing.
  • Changed the backdoor of the tavern so the AI can open it.
  • Changed a phone texture.
  • Made the bots react to carcasses.

Smuggler’s Lair (Final Visit):

  • Added prod charger crate.

Free Clinic (Final Visit):

  • Fixed a fire extinguisher falling to the ground instead of being mounted.

Hell’s Kitchen Sewers (Final Visit):

  • Increased the size of the centre skillpoint trigger.

‘Ton Hotel (Final Visit):

  • Removed Paul’s answering machine.

Brooklyn Naval Shipyards (Ventilation):

  • Increased the trigger sizes of both skillpoint bonuses.

PRCS Wall Cloud:

  • Fixed some glitchy doors.
  • Fixed floating turrets.
  • Fixed being able to disable the electric sound of the damaged generators by jumping on a beam.

NYC Cemetery:

  • Made the AI shoot at Jock as he leaves.
  • Made some texture alignments.
  • Made the underground water move slightly.
  • Made the troopers set up an ambush outside the crypt.
  • Removed a torch from the underground area so it’s easier to escape.
  • Fixed a glitchy hole in the wall.
  • Fixed some 20mm HE ammo being stuck in the ground.
  • Fixed a floating nanokey.
  • Fixed a barrel not exploding when the EMP device is destroyed.
  • Moved same barrel so it cannot be jumped on to be destroyed.
  • Added three medkits.
  • Added a biocell.
  • Added even more flares.
  • Added commandos if you tell Greene about Dowd.
  • Added sniper on realistic.
  • Added GEP gunner on realistic.
  • Gave an enemy a pistol instead.
  • Gave two troopers shotguns.
  • Set all the troopers to have weapons drawn instead of being relaxed.
  • Changed the voice of two soldiers to use variation B.
  • Changed a door to not stop opening if you block it.
  • Changed the pathing so the AI can go to where Dowd is and also not bury themselves alive.
  • Changed the crypt door to be destructible.
  • Changed the secret door under the stairs to be openable by the AI too.
  • Changed Jock to ask if the player is ready, if the player asks him to wait and then retalks to him, rather than repeating the conversation over.

Paris Streets (Near Denfert-Rochereau):

  • Fixed a TV having a missing texture.

Paris Streets (Near Champs-Elysees):

  • More texture fixes.

Metro Station near Cathedral du Paynes:

  • Fixed the player being able to jump over the trains in a certain spot.

La Porte de l’Enfer:

  • Gave the female bartender a weapon.
  • Gave Cassandra a multitool.
  • Gave the club owner a key to the doors.
  • Increased the size of the skillpoint trigger in the storage room.
  • Fixed a nanokey being in the ground.
  • Fixed credits being in the ground.
  • Fixed the game sometimes thinking you broke into the club if you jump too close to the doorman before you talk to him.
  • Fixed barman constantly walking into bar.
  • Fixed some liquor bottles clipping due to their HDTP models.
  • Changed Cassandra’s conversation, mainly for if you’re broke to avoid repetition.
  • Changed the bar owner, accountant and bartenders to be fearless and hate weapons.
  • Changed the doorman to be fearless and hate more.
  • Changed a fireplace grill to be destructible.

Vandenberg Air Force Base:

  • Fixed a damage node in the water not being disabled when you disable the damaged control panel.

Tunnels under Vandenberg Air Force Base:

  • Many, many texture fixes.
  • Increased the size of the final skillpoint bonus.

Vandenberg Air Force Base (Control Room):

  • Fixed some glitchy solid collision.
  • Fixed the entry blast doors being bugged, highlightable and frobbable.
  • Some minor texture changes.
  • Made the consoles in the room next to the room with electricity be flat.
  • Added blocks under a pipe in the Savage room to prevent players from clipping the pipe.

California Gas Station:

  • Increased Tiffany’s speed by 66.6%.

Pasadena Ocean Lab:

  • Prevented a skillpoint trigger from being unintentionally avoided.
  • Fixed the same skillpoint trigger from clipping through a wall.

Pasadena Ocean Lab (UC Module):

  • Fixed a backwards microwave.
  • Fixed a soda can being in a keyboard.
  • Fixed the electricity emitters being backwards or stuck inside walls.

Missile Silo near Pasadena:

  • Changed a soldier’s voice to use variant B to match his conversation.
  • Changed the names of all the soldiers from “Troop” to “Trooper”.

Area 51 (Surface):

  • Updated pathing.
  • Fixed the AI being unable to leave the hangar.

Area 51 (Sector 2):

  • Changed the main elevator to be lightable.
  • Added more lights in the elevator shaft.
  • Gave the smaller elevator sounds.
  • Fixed a hatch having a bad pivot point.

Area 51 (Sector 3):

  • Fixed the grays not going up the stairs of the reactor room, again.
  • Fixed being able to jump into some vents and get stuck.
  • Moved some of the skillpoint triggers to be neater and bigger.

Area 51 (Sector 4):

  • Moved a multitool to be easier to pick up.
  • Aligned some textures.
  • Added skillpoint bonuses to the UC rooms.
  • Fixed some floors being reflective when the ones around it weren’t.
  • Fixed some textures being completely black and not reflecting any light.


  • Fixed a typo when using the targeting aug on DeBeers.
  • Fixed a typo in the regeneration aug for “Normal” mode.
  • Fixed losing grenades if attempting to place one on a surface but canceling.
  • Made fireballs and plasma heat sources for the vision augmentation.
  • Made JC keep some of his light weapons out when in conversations.
  • Changed the main menu text to reflect the actual Revision version.


  • Disallowed accuracy and recoil mods being able to be put on weapons when they would have no effect, for “Normal” mode.
  • Changed the zoom of the Elite Assault Rifle from 10 to 22.5.

Please note:
As a general reminder, when game content is updated in a patch, it cannot affect locations you have already visited in a saved game. This is because the saved game was created based on the older version of the game, and acts as a snapshot of that older version. Once you load a saved game and travel to a new location in the game world, you will begin to encounter the updated content. Got a bug you want fixed? Suggestion you want implemented? Post it here: Bugs.dx-revision.com

Björn Ehrby
Björn Ehrby
Producer at Caustic Creative
Björn joined the project in 2008, bringing everything and everyone together. Over the years, his contributions have ensured that our team has produced good work, and that our efforts have been bug-free as we can manage. He hails from Sweden.