We’re excited to announce the release of Deus Ex: Revision version 1.1 – Tempora!

In this update, we are introducing Steam achievements! 108 of these achievements are publicly listed; dozens more are secret.

In addition to achievements, v1.1 also brings a colossal number of changes and tweaks, with three additions leading the way: a new expansion to UNATCO HQ, new footstep sounds, and Trenchcoat mode, a small new twist on DX gameplay. Trenchcoat dramatically cuts available inventory space, encouraging players to make harder and more impactful decisions about the equipment they want to bring through the story and make their own. It can only be turned on when starting a new game, and cannot be disabled once a new game is started.

Since launching last October, we have tallied over 127,000 players for DX: Revision. We’re humbled and incredibly thankful that so many people have discovered and enjoyed our work.

Without further ado, the complete changelog for v1.1:

Liberty Island (All Versions):

  • Fixed two backwards textures.

Liberty Island (First Visit):

  • Fixed a hole in a wall.
  • Fixed being able to see through a wall from a certain angle.
  • Fixed a wall not having a texture.
  • Fixed invisible solid collision at the starting dock and a bench next to it.
  • Fixed Kaplan giving all of his pistol ammo when you buy it.
  • Fixed a container using wooden fragments instead of metal ones.
  • Fixed the glass windows at the starting shack making incorrect sounds when destroyed.
  • Fixed rain not being visible from inside the statue.
  • Increased the size of the skill-point bonus for entering the COMVAN.
  • Changed Kaplan to give 12 bullets instead of 24 when buying 10mm ammo from him.
  • Changed Kaplan to use an assault rifle instead of a pistol to fix the above.
  • Changed the stairs so they connect with the walls.
  • Added a biocell.
  • Added a reload mod.
  • Added 10mm ammo.
  • Added handling if the player doesn’t have room to obtain a weapon from Paul at the start.
  • Many, many texture fixes.

UNATCO HQ (All Versions):

  • Expanded map.

Battery Park (First Visit):

  • Fixed some textures in the subway.
  • Fixed the level not using its own vanilla music.
  • Moved a skillpoint trigger from the centre of the subway to the doors.
  • Changed Alex’s subway warning infolink to not play if you clear the subway before it plays.

Hell’s Kitchen (All Versions):

  • Fixed Smuggler’s intercom being spelt “Intercomm”.
  • Fixed positioning on Smuggler’s intercom.
  • Extended and moved ladder to Smuggler’s front entrance so you can reach it if your legs are gone.

Hell’s Kitchen (First Visit):

  • Added carcass.
  • Added zyme.
  • Added a key to the NYC sewers.
  • Added flares.
  • Added soyfood.
  • Fixed crate textures.
  • Fixed glitchy phone textures.
  • Fixed pipes that were off by a few units.
  • Put the augmentation upgrade canister in a crate.
  • Unlocked an empty table drawer.
  • Lowered the minimum damage for some wood planks and windows from 5 to 3.
  • Lowered the hack strength of the keypad to the safe from 50% to 15%.
  • Increased the amount of money in the safe from 200 to 400.
  • Changed the safe to be pickable.
  • Changed the NSF thugs in the basketball court to not cause players to lose skillpoints in Biomod/Shifter.
  • Made the shop windows activate the alarm if destroyed.

‘Ton Hotel (All Versions):

  • Fixed a floating control panel.

‘Ton Hotel (First Visit):

  • Fixed a bad pivot point on Paul’s left bookshelf.

Smuggler’s Hideout (All Versions):

  • Changed the French email to use the version from the French patch.

Smuggler’s Hideout (First Visit):

  • Improved pathing.

Hell’s Kitchen Sewers (First Visit):

  • Added a new infolink for if you try to rescue Ford without going to Smuggler.
  • Removed the trooper hidden in the hallway.
  • Fixed many floating objects.
  • Fixed crate contents spawning in the wall.
  • Improved the pathing.
  • Made table in guards room larger so the computer doesn’t overhang.
  • Moved a control panel.
  • Lowered the control panel’s strength from 25% to 15%.
  • Lowered a laser emitter so you can’t crouch under it.

Hell’s Kitchen (NSF Warehouse):

  • Changed Alex’s infolinks to not play after the generator is destroyed.
  • Added sinks.

UNATCO HQ (Second Visit):

  • Fixed a logic error with Shannon.
  • Fixed Carter giving 12 clips of 7.62mm ammo, changed him to give 3 clips.
  • Increased Carter’s move speed by 50%.

LaGuardia Airfield (Helibase):

  • Added a backup nanokey for the sewer door.
  • Changed the water to not hurt.

LaGuardia Airfield (747):

  • Fixed some ugly geometry.
  • Fixed some textures.
  • Made the dual breakroom doors both open when used instead of one at a time.
  • Added a flag.

Hell’s Kitchen (Second Visit):

  • Fixed Jock teleporting back and flying again if walking between two locations.
  • Fixed a soldier spawning in the ground.
  • Fixed AI being unable to open Ton hotel doors.
  • Fixed the sewer manholes being slightly off where they were supposed to be.
  • Changed the indestructible wooden planks blocking Osgood and Son’s to be metal.
  • Added more triggers to the top of the Ton hotel.
  • Texture changes.
  • Improved pathing.
  • Set shop safe and keypad to 30% strength, replacing the forty with reload mod and on easy 20mm also.

Smuggler’s Hideout (Second Visit):

  • Changed the lighting of the red cupboard to be consistent with chapter 2’s.

‘Ton Hotel (Second Visit):

  • Changed the cleaner bot to always be allied to the player to prevent Biomod/Shifter players getting easy skillpoints.
  • Changed Paul to always be friendly to the player.
  • Changed Paul to use his sword in normal combat.
  • Changed Paul to die if the player dies in the hotel while there are more than two troopers that are able to fight or one MiB still alive.
  • Changed Paul to not disappear when he reaches the bottom of the stairs and to only disappear when he reaches the front doors of the Ton.
  • Changed a skillpoint trigger that seemed to only trigger in random conditions to trigger when Paul reaches the front doors of the Ton.
  • Changed Sandra and JoJo to not activate the alarm to fix conversations.
  • Expanded Paul’s inventory.
  • Fixed a floating pillow.
  • Improved pathing greatly.
  • Made Paul’s chair invincible.
  • Added flowers.
  • Added flamethrower on realistic.

Hell’s Kitchen (NSF HQ):

  • Replaced some of the blue lasers in the sewers with red ones.
  • Added another turret in the sewer.
  • Moved a crate.
  • Changed a door’s lock strength from 70% to 15% and min damage from 75 to 12.
  • Fixed and improved pathing.
  • Fixed a mistake in a datacube.
  • Fixed floating crates.
  • Fixed a door with a bad pivot point.
  • Expanded map.

New York Majestic 12 Facility:

  • Fixed a floating datacube.
  • Fixed the possibility of the player being drunk or drugged when they wake up.
  • Many texture fixes.
  • Changed the disabled bots to be neutral to prevent Biomod/Shifter players from getting 300 free skillpoints.
  • Changed the WiB’s name from “WIB” to “Woman in Black”.
  • Changed Miguel to not attack the player.

UNATCO HQ (Last Visit):

  • Gave Manderley a key to his cabinet.
  • Put items in the cabinet.
  • Made the cabinet pickable.
  • Added another fire extinguisher on realistic.
  • Added a key to Anna’s office for Ultimate Run players.
  • Moved the augmentation upgrade canister into a crate.
  • Fixed “personnel” being spelt “personell”.
  • Changed Miguel to not attack the player.

Liberty Island (Last Visit):

  • Rearranged the crates.
  • Slightly changed the name of one soldier.
  • Fixed two backwards textures.
  • Changed Miguel to not attack the player.

Canals near Wan Chai Market:

  • Added LAM.
  • Added assault rifle.
  • Added 20mm HE ammo.
  • Fixed textures on top of rooves to use the right texture and scaling.
  • Fixed incorrect pivot point on a hatch in the freezer.
  • Fixed a vent being too low, causing the PCs head to clip when bobbing.
  • Fixed some floating brushes.
  • Fixed a trashbag clipping inside a trashcan.
  • Adjusted the zoning around the freezer to have better friction and to mitigate the issue with different zone lighting.
  • Cleaned up/removed some out of view brushes.
  • Made other small brush adjustments to make the map more stable.
  • Improved pathing.

Tonnochi Road:

  • Fixed two lines using stereo sound instead of mono and sometimes glitching the audio system.
  • Fixed a man having his familiar and unfamiliar names the wrong way around.
  • Fixed two books being inside a table.

Wan Chai Market (Compound area):

  • Fixed a line using stereo sound instead of mono and sometimes glitching the audio system.
  • Fixed three officers having the same name.

Wan Chai Underground Mall & Lucky Money:

  • Fixed a soldier having a glitchy name.
  • Fixed Max Chen’s cabinet using wooden fragments when destroyed instead of glass.
  • Changed the scale of a space texture to be more realistic.
  • Changed the decorative keypad to be unusable.
  • Changed view of canal to match actual canal rather than beta.
  • Made two doors destructible.
  • Added Luminous Path members.
  • Gave Max Chen’s guards more ammo.

Tracer Tong’s Lab:

  • Fixed some textures.


  • Expanded map.
  • Fixed textures.

Versalife Advanced R&D (Level 1):

  • Fixed the new commando lines having an error, making the commandos animate longer than the length of their lines.
  • Fixed four lockers using wooden debris instead of metal.
  • Changed the troopers in the barracks to not be so lenient about knocking out their allies or hitting them.
  • Added reverb in the vents.
  • Moved a MiB away from a vent to prevent his collision getting glitched.

Versalife Advanced R&D (Level 2):

  • Changed a control panel’s strength from 120% to 60%.
  • Fixed a crash related to a commando having a space in his name.
  • Made both of the commandos talk.

Free Clinic (Last Visit):

  • Gave Greene a pepper gun and baton.

Hell’s Kitchen (Last Visit):

  • Changed the riot cops and bots to shoot the civilians.
  • Changed the indestructible wooden planks blocking Osgood and Son’s to be metal.
  • Moved one of the civilians to be hidden from the bot.
  • Improved pathing.
  • Fixed two Riot Cops being called “Cop” instead of “Riot Cop”.

Smuggler’s Hideout (Last Visit):

  • Changed the lighting of the red cupboard to be consistent with chapter 2’s.

‘Ton Hotel (Last Visit):

  • Expanded map.
  • Improved pathing.
  • Fixed AI not being able to open doors and closets.
  • Fixed the riot cops being mute.

Underworld Tavern (Last Visit):

  • Improved pathing.

Brooklyn Naval Shipyards (Exterior):

  • Reduced the mindamage of a grate from 100 to 10.
  • Reduced the mindamage of the roof grate from 10 to 4.
  • Added infolink triggers for Tong if exiting the ship via the front door or sewer.
  • Increased the collision size of the final skillpoint bonus in the sewer.

Brooklyn Naval Shipyards (Ventilation):

  • Fixed the grate having a bad pivot point.
  • Changed lightbulbs to be indestructible.
  • Expanded map.

Brooklyn Naval Shipyards (Interior):

  • Texture fix.
  • Improved pathing even more.
  • Added a button in the storage room to allow players out if they close the door on themselves.
  • Added more infolink locations.
  • Added a new security console for two cameras.
  • Fixed the AI being stuck in a room.
  • Fixed the klaxon sound restarting when moving between areas or going in and out of water.
  • Fixed an infolink.
  • Fixed datacube typo, “Keend” > “Keene”.
  • Made it so windows around the player break when the ship is destroyed.
  • Increased the height of the shower heads to be more realistic.
  • Changed the two soldiers to not be hostile if you talked to Vinny, but came from an alternate route.

PRCS Wall Cloud:

  • Fixed the floodlight brushes in the Hangar bay to have their stand connected to them.
  • Fixed a railing in the giant fan hovering.
  • Fixed some keyboards having misaligned textures.
  • Fixed a wire mesh not being solid.
  • Fixed a wall not being solid.
  • Fixed the klaxon sound restarting when moving between certain areas.
  • Fixed a remote TNT crate exploding when shooting a weld point.
  • Moved the skillpoint bonus at the helipad to the vent.
  • Moved a light near the electrician.
  • Added more triggers to make the mechanic run when the ship is destroyed.
  • Removed a light in the bilge valve room.
  • Removed the possibility of a flare dropping from a crate instead of a biocell.
  • Made it so windows around the player break when the ship is destroyed.
  • Increased the size of the goal completion trigger for entering the lower decks.

NYC Cemetery:

  • Changed pathing slightly.
  • Changed AI to react to carcasses.
  • Changed AI to move to a fixed position instead of wander.
  • Changed the player to be invincible after talking to Jock.
  • Moved AI so that they all move into the graveyard instead of suddenly spawning in front of the player.
  • Increased the height of the triggers in the room with the upgrade canisters.

Paris High-Rise near Denfert-Rochereau:

  • Fixed another “Restriced Area” texture.
  • Reduced the size of the elevator keypad to fit.
  • Added a fire barrel near the elevator.

Paris Streets (Near Denfert-Rochereau):

  • Fixed lots of broken geometry.
  • Fixed three bad textures.
  • Fixed floating cameras.
  • Added money in the ATMs.

Denfert-Rochereau Metro Station:

  • Changed the military bot to not appear if destroyed in the previous map.
  • Moved the money in these ATMs to the ones in the previous map, added new money to the ones here.

Paris Catacombs:

  • Changed “harpie” dialogue to “harpy”.
  • Changed texture on the wall with the cagelight next to the sewer exit door.
  • Changed the sound some vents make when destroyed.
  • Added a block to prevent players getting stuck in a certain place.
  • Added two more infolinks.
  • Improved pathing.
  • Improved some vents to not abruptly end.
  • Named two soldiers.
  • Set some doors to be usable by the AI.
  • Lowered the minimum damage requirements for some destructibles.
  • Lowered the amount of debris the wood makes when destroyed.
  • Lowered ledge to ladder near Hela so it’s easier to get out of the water.
  • Increased the height on some walls so they go up to the ceiling.
  • Removed unneeded gaps in some walls.
  • Moved a skull so it’s not clipping into a crate.
  • Added a block so the player can’t get stuck in a damaged piece of wall near the water area close to the start.
  • Minor geometry improvements.
  • Capitalized the naming on Silhouette members.

Paris Streets (Near Champs-Elysees):

  • Changed the strength of a door from 75 to 15.
  • Changed “Rene” to “René”.
  • Gave the maid and receptionist of the hostel a key to the doors.
  • Prevented the player from being able to get out of the map in various locations.

La Porte de l’Enfer:

  • Changed Kara’s unfamiliar name from “woman” to “Woman”.
  • Added money to the ATMs.
  • Made sure the code you get from Cassandra is added to your notes.

DuClare Chateau:

  • Added another datalink trigger.
  • Added another commando on realistic.

Cathedral du Paynes:

  • Greatly improved the pathing.
  • Fixed a bed texture.
  • Fixed a bus stop light texture being misaligned.
  • Fixed the player being able to jump out of the map.
  • Added a biocell.
  • Added cameras to the security console to show the turrets.

Morgan Everett’s Home:

  • Fixed a missing texture.
  • Fixed a possible softlock by hurting Everett while in the first conversation with him.

Vandenberg Air Force Base:

  • Changed Tony Mares to be invincible.
  • Fixed a trigger relating to the conversation between an MJ12 trooper an Stephanie Maxwell.

Tunnels under Vandenberg Air Force Base:

  • Fixed a gap in the container where the robots are raised up.

California Gas Station:

  • Changed the amount of fragments wood makes on this map to be more realistic.
  • Changed a gate’s mindamage from 25 to 10.
  • Changed the MiB to play an unused conversation on realistic.
  • Gave the soldier near Tiffany a mini-crossbow on realistic.
  • Gave the MiB a melee weapon.
  • Made all of the enemies react to carcasses.
  • Prevented Tiffany from dying while flying off.

Submarine Base near Pasadena:

  • Changed the note you get from Pinkerton to be more clear in regards to his username and password.
  • Changed button reset texture to “GATE SWITCH”.
  • Fixed a line not working due to a typo.
  • Reduced file size from 43MiB to 20MiB.

Pasadena Ocean Lab:

  • Fixed a typo in a vanilla datacube. “evironment” > “environment”.
  • Added a datacube to allow progress without computer skill.

Missile Silo near Pasadena:

  • Fixed the missile hatch being invisible from below.
  • Fixed the blue lasers not hurting the player and destroying the door, to hurting the player and not destroying the door.
  • Moved an MiB so he can’t be killed prematurely.
  • Changed the elevator buttons to be more logical.

Chapter 15:

  • Changed the holograms to not be afraid and run away.

Area 51 (Surface):

  • Changed a commando to not appear on easy.
  • Changed the MIB to use a shotgun instead of assault rifle.
  • Added a soldier to the hangar.
  • Added an unused conversation.

Area 51 (Sector 2):

  • Changed Simons to not be so forgiving and to attack immediately if attacked first.
  • Increased the size of a skillpoint trigger.
  • Increased the size of a datalink trigger.
  • Added a shorter infolink for when calling up the elevator if Simons is already dead.
  • Added the last chapter of “The Man Who was Thursday”.
  • Added new combat music if fighting Simons here.
  • Fixed Page’s infolink mocking the player in the elevator, changed it to check the player’s health instead of credits.
  • Fixed “personnel” being spelt “personell” in an email.
  • Moved the LAW.
  • Made the easter egg give skillpoints.

Area 51 (Sector 3):

  • Added new enemies if you try to do the Helios route.
  • Lowered the delay before the commandos attack from 2.5 to 1 second to prevent the player seeing them spawn.
  • Changed the troopers on the tram to elite ones on realistic.
  • Fixed a texture.
  • Stopped the player from walking in some walls.

Area 51 (Sector 4):

  • Added soldiers to the Aquinas router.
  • Added TNT in the Aquinas router.
  • Added a gray carcass.
  • Fixed a security console having its login and password accidentally reversed.
  • Increased the size of the first infolink trigger.
  • Removed collision from some triggers.
  • Texture fixes.
  • Changed the UC lockdown doors to kill anything that blocks them.
  • Changed the medical bot to stand still.
  • Changed security bots to react to more.
  • Moved an ugly alarm panel.
  • Prevented the cleaner bot from being able to activate the turret.
  • Slightly improved pathing.

(Ending) A New Dark Age:

  • Fixed an electricity emitter being stuck inside one of the reactors.


  • Blue lasers are now disabled for longer if you level up the demolitions skill.
  • Bosses no longer flee.
  • Reduced the amount of damage greasels take from their poison.
  • In “Normal” mode, grenades are able to be thrown through windows and weak doors/planks.
  • Changed the Magnum to be as loud as a sniper rifle.
  • Slightly increased the speed of the elite troops.
  • Added “Trenchcoat” gamemode, offering the challenge of a reduced inventory when enabled.


  • Added more objects to the files for localisation.
  • Added unique graphics for the Biomod/Shifter nanovirus vial.
  • Added an “AllItems” cheat to complement the “AllWeapons” cheat.
  • AI can no longer see through black vans.
  • AI can no longer see through vending machines.
  • AI can no longer see through trash cans.
  • Capped the effect channels from 32 to 28 to prevent audio issues regarding voiced lines not playing.
  • Changed the hand-dryer’s name from “HandDry” to “Hand Dryer”.
  • Changed the empty jar’s name from “EmptyJar” to “Empty Jar”.
  • Changed air bubbles and smoke trails to be unlit.
  • Changed karkian carcasses to not be buoyant.
  • Changed MJ12 commando carcasses to not be buoyant.
  • Changed Jock’s helicopter to have more consistent naming.
  • Changed the names of UNATCO and MJ12 from “Troop” to “Trooper”.
  • Changed Manderley to always be known as Manderley.
  • Changed the notification for when starting training to allow the player to cancel for if they misclick.
  • Changed the Revision skillpoint bonus triggers to use the same message standard as vanilla’s.
  • Dead cats and dogs are indifferent to water.
  • Fixed a crash in Biomod related to the electrostatic discharge aug.
  • Fixed gaps when looking through scopes or binoculars.
  • Fixed the black of the binoculars being translucent.
  • Fixed typos in the ‘Human Eye Augmentation’ chart texture. “Ehnancement” > “Enhancement”. “mulitplexing” > “multiplexing”.
  • Fixed typos in the assault rifle diagram texture. “it’s” > “its”. “adapatability” > “adaptability”. “intergrated” > “integrated”.
  • Fixed pre-placed animal carcasses taking more hits than usual to destroy.
  • Fixed pre-placed carcasses not showing their names.
  • Fixed rat carcasses to use all six variations.
  • Fixed the grays to use both of their carcasses.
  • Fixed ToggleCrouch not sticking when loading a saved game that was crouched.
  • Fixed the game lagging if starting a conversation while holding nothing.
  • Fixed being able to use a weapon’s scope while putting it away and having the scope overlay stay on screen, on “normal” mode.
  • Fixed being able to turn on augmentations while dead in “Normal” mode.
  • Fixed music not changing when changing from vanilla music back to Revision.
  • Fixed overlapping hotkeys in the menus.
  • Greasels now hate cats.
  • Increased the collision sizes of the red and green plastic boxes from 20 to 29 to prevent them clipping in each other.
  • Set the new footstep sounds to be enabled. To disable use the command “Set Human bUseRevisionFootsteps false”.
  • Slightly decreased the size of the map files overall.
  • Switched textures from 8-bit to 24-bit for higher quality and greatly reduced file size.
  • The player’s real name is now set to the player’s Steam name by default if one can be found.
  • Updated credits.
  • Many more things I ultimately forgot while in the moment.

Please note:

As a general reminder, when game content is updated in a patch, it cannot affect locations you have already visited in a saved game. This is because the saved game was created based on the older version of the game, and acts as a snapshot of that older version. Once you load a saved game and travel to a new location in the game world, you will begin to encounter the updated content. Got a bug you want fixed? Suggestion you want implemented? Post it here: http://bugs.dx-revision.com

Hawk Bird
"Hawk" provides ongoing maintenance and polish efforts for Revision. His contributions frequently focus on providing new and challenging possibilities for players.