How to get the mission startup text to show up

The Basics

Each distinct mission in Deus Ex starts with text displaying in the middle of the screen telling you where you are.  If you don't have a script attached to your DeusExLevelInfo item, you won't see this text in your own levels.

Some knowledge of packages is helpful for this.  It may be useful to find information on adding your own custom packages before going on, but I will try to cover everything, if briefly.

NOTE: This tutorial is based on a post by "campers" on the Ion Storm SDK forum.


1. Set up a custom package if necessary

If you aren't already using your own custom package with your map, you'll need to set that up.  Since you'll need to do that anyway if you want any conversations to work, it's a good idea.

If you need to set up a new package, first pull up the DeusEx.ini file in your \DeusEx\System folder.  Add a line at the end of the [Editor.EditorEngine] section like this:


...where "MyBitchinMap" is the name of your new package.  You can use this same package for your conversations, custom textures, and custom meshes.

Create a folder under \DeusEx called MyBitchinMap (or whatever you called your package), and under this new folder, create a folder called Classes.  If you ever mess with creating custom meshes, you'll also have a folder under MyBitchinMap called Models.


2. Create a script file

Now create a new file with Notepad or your favorite text editor and call it MyMissionScript.uc (or something else, as long as you keep it consistent).  Save this under your Classes folder.  Type this in as the contents of the file:

// MyMissionScript.
class MyMissionScript expands MissionScript;

function InitStateMachine() {




3. Compile your package

If you have UnrealEd running, close it now.  Pull up a DOS Prompt and CD to your \DeusEx\System directory.  If you're using an existing package, remember to delete the .u file now.  Type in "ucc make" and wait for it to run.  If everything worked, you should get a Success - 0 error(s), 0 warnings message.  You should also get a new file called MyBitchinMap.u.  This is your custom package which now contains a new script.  Every time you need to rebuild MyBitchinMap.u, you'll need to exit out of UnrealEd, delete the file, and run "ucc make".


4. Update your DeusExLevelInfo item in your map

Fire up UnrealEd and load in your map.  If your map has been properly set up, you've already added a DeusExLevelInfo item.  This is required for conversations to work anyway, so be sure to always add one to every map you create.

If you need to add it, expand the Info category in the Class browser and select DeusExLevelInfo.  Place it somewhere in your map.  It's a good idea to place it near your starting location to make it easier to find later.

Find your DeusExLevelInfo item in your map (it looks like this: ) and pull up its properties sheet.

Go to the Class browser and expand Info and MissionScript.  Your new script (such as MyMissionScript) should show up in the list.  Select it and return to the DeuxExLevelInfo properties sheet. Expand the DeusExLevelInfo category and select Script.  Push the Use button and your script name should be pasted in.  You can also just type in in as shown above.  In this example, "MyBitchinMap" is the package name, and "MyMissionScript" is the class.

Now all you have to do is set the text to display.  Expand the startupMessage item and type in up to four lines of text that the player will see at the start of the mission.

IMPORTANT: if you fill in the MapName value, do NOT use any spaces.  You'll get an error when the level starts.

Save your level, and check it out!

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